Missing all of the trees


Davenport Southern RR

I went into my route to work on it, and all the trees are missing. Can someone help me fix this? Thanks.
If a session layer was the active layer, when you added the trees, they were saved with the session.

Or you deleted the tree's in Content Manager so now they no longer show up. Solution: Re-download them
Or you made the layer with the tree's hidden so now they are no longer visible. Solution: Go to the layer menu and un-hide that layer.

But my guess is that what Peter wrote.
speedtrees? This has happened to me a few times in 2010. I just restart trainz and they reappear.

Good question.

I wonder if it's due to those spline bushes along the river. These may have caused a load on the game so it stopped rendering the trees.

Be sure to merge the session into the route to save you this trouble next time.

The only thing you should put in sessions are consists and session rules/settings.