Midwest Central Route.


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I'm trying to D/L it. When I get it in the D/L panel of CMP and click start I get a red warning in the status bar saying 'unable to D/L kuid 2:50567:111174:1. Couldn't obtain a download URL. Item can't be found on DLS'. Can anybody tell me where to go from here. I'm struggling to understand CMP and downloading so please try to keep it simple. Thanks.
Never tried that, you could try it.
Or try downloading the CDP through FTP. From here it depends on which Trainz you run, if 2004 just double click the CDP to open it, if 2006/Classics use CMP to find the CDP and Import it.
You may still be missing content for it that has to be downloaded but you should have the route files. So you just get the rest.

As to the item on Download Depot, you need a login there to download it. Then search by kuid or use the link I listed while logged in to the Depot.