Warning: My content is illegally released by someone to the DLS without my permission

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VLP A66 Fan
PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THOSE STOLEN CONTENT, it has been going on for few months and someone is leaking the content that is NOT supposed to be released(that I have handed out content and reskins to mates) but should ONLY be legitimately released by me, NOT someone that does not have permission to release those asset that they don't own those then claiming as their own, I CREATED THOSE ASSETS and were meant to be kept for personal use and not to be released unless it's finished, I hope I will replace the stolen content with the legitimate ones I made, I am less happy that someone released my content under their username without written permission from me and I never wanted to release those content.

Recently, someone leaked my old N car models and released it without my permission.

Anyone who downloaded those stolen content must STOP using it and delete it from their computer until the legitimate one is released, addition my new models and content will have updated licence in config file and NO reskins of my new model will be shown publicly without permission.

Those stolen content includes: Retraced, Edited, Upscaled, etc.

I want those to be taken down from the Download Station following asset, including obsolete that is the same asset:
<kuid:937748:100267> V/Line P BZN T2 2009+
<kuid:937748:100271> V/Line P BZN T2 2007+
<kuid:937748:100272> V/Line P BZN T1 2009+
<kuid:937748:100266> V/Line P BZN 2017+
<kuid:937748:100637> EMD 12-645E3B Enginesound
<kuid2:937748:100433:2> V/Line P A 66 2009+
<kuid2:937748:100022:1> El Zorro S 302 2009+
<kuid:937748:100105> El Zorro S 302 2006+
<kuid:937748:100004> V/Line P S 302 2004+
<kuid2:937748:100020:1> SSR S 317 2015+
<kuid2:937748:100021:1> SSR S 302 2018+
<kuid:937748:100021> SSR S 302 2016+
<kuid:937748:100459> RailPower S 312 2011+
<kuid:937748:100525> PN S 307 2011+ SG
<kuid:937748:100520> PN S 307 2007+ BG
<kuid2:937748:100516:1> PN S 306 2007+ SG
<kuid2:937748:100020:1> SSR S 317 2015+
<kuid2:937748:100530:1> PN S 306 2018+ BG
<kuid2:937748:100021:1> SSR S 302 2018+
<kuid:937748:100285> SSR S 302 2016+
<kuid2:937748:100022:1> El Zorro S 302 2009+
<kuid:937748:100568> V/Line P BRN 2017+
<kuid:937748:100566> V/Line P ACN 2017+
<kuid:937748:100565> V/Line P ACN 2009+
<kuid:937748:100567> V/Line P BRN 2009+
<kuid:937748:100049> V/Line P BRN 2001+
<kuid:937748:100091> V/Line P BRN 1997+
<kuid:937748:100102> V/Line P BRN 1995+
<kuid:937748:100569> V/Line P BN 2017+
<kuid:937748:100570> V/Line P BN 2009+
<kuid:937748:100045> V/Line P BN 2001+
<kuid:937748:100085> V/Line P BN 1997+
<kuid:937748:100101> V/Line P BN 1995+
<kuid:937748:100051> V/Line P ACN 2001+
<kuid:937748:100097> V/Line P ACN 1997+
<kuid:937748:100107> V/Line P ACN 1995+

Remember, do NOT release my content without permission and always respect my wishes.
As wreeder said, contact the Helpdesk. Start by clicking on the Support button at the top of this page, then the Troubleshooting option, then General/Other…..keep following the trail until you get to a page where you can write the details of the problem. It’s helpful to N3V if you can list the kuids of the illegal copies, and information which clearly shows your assets to be the originals that were copied.

Unless you get the copies removed from the DLS, they will continue to accumulate downloads. Complaining in the Forum will not prevent this because people may not see it, or may just ignore it.
Not open for further replies.