Looking for objects for trainz.


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Hello, I'm looking for these objects for a locomotive, but I don't have the Kuid.

-Multi-number library for rollingstock, v2.02 (Wulf_9)
-EMD 12-645E non-turbo enginesounds (Wulf_9)
-CS_Flare_06 (3 Headed Monkey)
-CS_Flare_04 (3 Headed Monkey)
-CS_Flare_03 (3 Headed Monkey)
-ARN Icon (Wulf_9)

Does anyone know where I could get these?


Threeheadedmonkey = VMD
Wulf_9 = TrainzProRoutes

I suspect the missing items are from a VMD loco - which one exactly?

Andy :)

Edit - I thought it odd that the Wulf-9 stuff wasn't also on the DLS and just did a 20 second check and his 'missing' content is in fact ensconced therein. It is customary to exhaust the obvious sources before calling for help.....
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Go to TrainzProRoutes, download the TWP Gp38-2 pack. That should give you these objects.