Looking for decent gum trees


Can someone tell where I can find decent gum trees both single and in groups. The built-in ones in ts2010 and on the DLS are old version numbers and from some angles appear a bit like chicken wire when running in native mode. They look OK when in compatibility mode but this has other problems which I would rather avoid.

Hope someone can help,

Singles - look on the DLS for author "mcguirel" name "gum" and you will find some good ones - all SpeedTrees based. Personally, I have given up using the older non SpeedTrees versions as they do not look as good in TS12 (if they ever looked good in comparison).

Groups - forget it.

My opinion.

Peter Ware
Bear in mind if you're planning to port TS12 routes over to T:ANE (if/when it ever appears) that third party Speedtrees such as those by McGuirrel will not show up in the new graphics engine, unless updated to a later version. We don't know as yet whether the authors will be able/willing to do so.