Looking for advise for HO scale detail parts


The Chicago CTA guy
Specifically detail parts that can be used to detail up an Amtrak F40.

I'm kit bashing a Bachmann F40 into a NPCU...specifically 90368.

I'm looking for a few specific parts, such as Battery Boxes, and air tanks. But other details as well, such as horns, new grab irons, and so on.

The big thing I am having trouble nailing down is air tanks and battery boxes, I have a Brass F40, so I know what they look like, just having trouble finding a maker of exactly what I need, through they look like a standard EMD part.

Any help in this quest would be appreciated.
Bumping this. Looking for help still. I'm not very keen on manufactures of detail parts, hence my asking.

Looking for Air Tanks, battery boxes, grab irons, steps, and so on. any help appericated
Cruise on over to ebay
When you get there do the following searches
Cal Scale-model railroad trains
Front Range Products
Custom Finishing
Details West
Hi Tech Details
Or you can type in HO SCALE BATTERY BOX

I just got done custom detailing a CSX F40 and Scratch building a Drake Swing wing trailer. (look up the trailer on you tube)
I hope this helps. If you need any further help let me know.