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Does anyone know of grasses that are textures, but have grass actually appear in 3D when the texture is placed?

Also, I am looking for road barriers, the same style as the QR Armco, but in the greyish silvery colour.

Does anyone know of these items?

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I don't know of any specific grass 'texture' that has 3D grasses, but Jankvis has made some truly excellent spline grass types, that really give a sense of realism to a route when laid alongside the tracks, or in some circumstances, over said tracks to give a nice 'overgrown' look.
Cheers for the encouragement there Mitchey, I don't know if it'll ever make it to the DLS, but you never know - and a big thanks to lewinser, for letting us know about the instant grass - might be just the ticket for a few concepts I've been kicking around :)
Mullebuck, you'd do well to simply type FMA into the DLS and browse his 500 or so items.They"re all to an extremely high standard, and his lifting barrier Level Crossings look fabulous...:cool:

Try dmdrake he has a very wide range of products and believe he had textures that did have a mesh in it.

Yes, I have made several sets of what are called clutter-meshes. If you search the DLS for clutter-mesh, using the Description filter you will find them as well as several by jankvis.
JVC has lot of good stuff, trees and grass textures. I think that is Jankvis that dmdrake was referring to.
Grass textures

Also try this user name- robertoconti19 search inTRS2004, some very good grass textures and trees, these are 3d grasses, title in Italian, ciuffi.