Loco body attachment points - how to fix them


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Hi All,
I downloaded a lovely UK loco, "BR 9f Single Chimney" kuid <kuid2:101839:1034:5> but its running gear are out of place on it by about 1/2 a wheel set (to far back). Im sure the author didn't intend it to be like this. Im guessing from my limited knowledge the attachment points are not in the right place? How is this able to be modified - or has anyone modified it, or if the author is still about, does he/she know about it and is able to correct the issue. I would love to use this loco. The image I am attaching shows a 9f double chimney at left with wheels in correct place and 9f single chimney one that I just downloaded at right.
If anyone can help get this right, I would be very grateful.

Strange as no one else seems to be having this problem that I have heard of, tried re-downloading it and it's dependencies?

First thing I'd check is if the bogies are the same asset? If not try the other bogie.

if they are the same and it's definitely the attachment point in the wrong place.

Use the position tag in the bogies config, you can move it up down forward or backwards.

position 0,0,0 where 0,0,0 = X,Y,Z

X = Left or right
Y = Forward or back
Z = Up or Down

So if you want to move it forwards by 1 metre, I think it's in metres, it would be position 0,1,0 accepts decimal points.

Need to delete the loco in surveyor and add again to see the changes.

Don't think this works pre 2009 by the way.


Just had a look and it's a Settle and Carlisle builtin and here it's fine, bogie is correct. If you have SP1 and Settle and Carlisle you are not going to be able to edit anything as its payware locked.......

Checked on another install and the DLS version is the same kuid so not sure what's gone wrong here.
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This is another example of DLC add-on assets having the same kuid number as something on the dls but appearing differently. At least in this case the S&C add-on asset that becomes builtin appears correctly:

However if you have downloaded them from the dls then you see them showing the wheels in the wrong place as mentioned above by iannz:

Yes as I have just found out, glad I checked as was going to upload a similar screenshot!
in which case I'd go for the position tag, cheaper than buying Settle and Carlisle which is worth getting !
Or fix the mesh (9fbody.im) using a hexeditor.
The required changes are:
      Offset       |          Content
  hex    | decimal |    old      |    new
0x111D8E | 1121678 | 65 88 53 C0 | F4 FD 7C C0
0x111DCA | 1121738 | 8F C2 F5 3C | 4E 62 80 BF
These changes modify the position of a.bog2 and a.bog3, which are the visible bogeys.
Modify a clone, or have a backup of the original.

Wow, I didn't expect the response received, you guys are great.
Clam1952, I will most likely get Settle and Carlisle route, I ordered Tane way back months ago, so don't plan doing to much more with 12 and will wait for the new game before buying anything new. Thanks for your post, until now I didn't realise there could be 2 assets with the same kuid number, so I have learnt something new. Im guessing also that if I bought the new route, it would be wise to delete that existing asset with the same number first or the new asset with the same number might not install (or over-write).

dnevans8, cheers for confirming that, glad it wasn't me - maybe its an issue the game authors can take note of and somehow not allow 2 assets with the same number. Im guessing that as you said "another", this is not the only time this has been seen. Cheers for your reply.

Peter, didn't know what you were on about, but downloaded a Hex editor (probably not the best out there) , made a clone and edited the suggested file (find and replace mode lol). Cant believe it, it worked (doubting me, not you lol). So am totally wrapped it now looks right, thank you, thank you. - My apologies to the original author for editing his creation, Im not sure it is allowable. (it is only for my own use, it wont be uploaded again or anything).

Phil, downloaded yours, awesome !!! It works great, perfect, thank you heaps, I'll have it worn out in no time!! :D

Im now like a kid with a new toy and cant thank you all enough.

Thank you all.
Ian --

I see that you are in New Zealand. Does your interest in steam locomotives extend beyond the UK? If so these might also interest you:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/kxrfw44gxe6dyi4/Cass Railroad Shay #5_Modified_130522.zip? dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/nu8pz6gog1rpn5k/Loco PRR A5 #94 TS12.zip?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/wvr3suzkvm06b2a/Loco QianJin #2005.cdp?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/e0dsd9phcskch78/RZD Loco Steam L-3393_notDLS_specular_rev1.cdp?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/0y7q4k5ea6mmn97/US Loco BenNealSteamLocomotivePackageTS12.zip? dl=0

The last contains a selection of 20 of Ben Neal's steamers. The second to last a Russian locomotive of absolute outstanding detail and workmanship, see here (watch full screen and in HD):

Wow, Phil, that's a great line-up of locos, thought I had most of the good ones, but there you go!! also your video took me to looking at a WD Austerity, downloaded that also, nice detail on it. Often wondered if anyone had done a cab-forward, its interesting to see one. Hmmm, the Russian loco I ended up with is not the same as in your video and not as detailed, but its still the only Russian steam loco I have so thank you. Im very grateful for the locos, thank you for posting the links.