Loading/Unloading of Products


Get over it
The problem: I have a drum mfg plant which produces drums and I have the drums being loaded into gondolas and boxcars. I also have general goods being unloaded at this site. I'm using the Auran Multiply Industry New item. I have the drums being loaded onto designated cars BUT the general goods also get loaded when they're suppose to be unloaded.

Is there a way that a train can pull into the plant and load drums and not load general goods at the same time?

More clearly: two flatcars, one general goods only, the other drums only. Load drums, unload general goods. Pull into plant to load drums and one gets drums and the other gets general goods loaded.

I hope I'm being clear.
open the multi track and somewhere you can choose to unload only. i think it is in the tracks section. i know you have to select the icon for the product and it gives you an option to load and unload and by clicking on this it can alter to load only or unload only.
Stagecoach, that's my problem. I have the drums to be loaded and the general goods being unloaded but when I pull in to load the drums the general goods are also being loaded. Yes, I have the icon for the general goods marked to be unloaded.

Nwhitney, the link you gave me gives me an 404 error.

I've set up many an industry so I'm not new to this but this is the first time this has happened to me. I think I'll delete the Multiply Industry New and start over and see what happens. Thankz for the replys.
It's fixed and working the way it's suppose to. Don't know what the problem was, more than likely me, but it's ok now.

Thankz for the link AussieNightcrawler, it works and I'll check it out.