Loading from TRS19 (CDP) to TRS22


Some help would appreciated please. Am in the process of transferring WIP's by CDP from TRS19 to 22.

Below is short list of (unknown assets) kuids lost from a WIP in transist between the two systems. Not desperate about these as route, with one exception, seems to be working OK.


However, one asset is causing problems. The culprit is listed as "Fence Barbed Wire UK - Obsolete ----kuid: 1:1018 - ?!" The problem is that the fence wire and posts are no longer visible and I can only see the positions of both ends together with all the intermediate splines - about 5 scale miles of them!

I can't re-establish the original fence and whilst I can move the splines, I don't seem to be able to delete them. Trying to run a new fence between the existing spline markings is a non-starter.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

aka Pitmilly

Thank you, yes I agree totally. 25:495 is the new UK version, I have it and I can install on this WIP.

My problem is how do erase the (ghost) version of the original K;1:1018 , which is to say the visible end and internediate spline points to which the invisible fencing is mounted.

Had previously done two EDR’s and have just done a third - no difference whatever. Thanks but sorry.

Am thinking of going back to TRS19 and deleting the obsolete asset in that system then reloading this revised version back into Trs22