Faulty assets (track/UK catenary) on migrating from TANE to TRS19


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Apologies if I have not posted this in the right forum, it's my first time here although I've been using Trainz on and off for nearly 20 years now probably!!

I have made the move from TANE to TRS19 a couple of days ago and on the whole, I am pleased how much of my existing route has came across but I have a few issues with faulty content with objects I thought were built in:
S_rail_beton_1435_leto - track - I tried using the bulk replace tool to replace this faulty asset with one of the new TRS19 tracks but got a message saying it is not compatible. That tool works if I select a type of track to replace that is working such as the various types of ProTrack and that works so I guess the problem is replacing the missing asset track.

Secondly, all the UK catenary splines I used for overhead electrification on my TANE route are faulty now. I tried redownloading them from the DLS in TRS19 and also exporting the CDP from TANE and drag/dropping into TRS19 Content Manager.
The assets in question are:
• UK 25m Single Pylons <KUID2: 67906:37061:1>
• UK 25m Double Girder <KUID2: 67906:37066:1>
• UK 25m Double Pylon <KUID2: 67906:37064:1>
• UK 50m Single <KUID2: 67906:37062:1>
• UK 50m Tunnel Double Pylon <KUID2: 67906:37211:1>
• UK 50m Twinhead Pylons <KUID2: 67906:37084:1>
• UK 50m Wire <KUID2: 67906:37551:1>
• UK 50m Wire Transition <KUID2: 67906:37201:1>
• UK 50m Wire Tunnel <KUID2: 67906:37201:1>

When I click on View Errors and warnings on any of the above assets I get: <kuid2:67906:37061:1> : VE65: The *.texture.txt file is missing for texture resource 'gbcattexture.texture'. How can I fix these assets? I am happy to replace them with a more up-to-date UK catenary system if anyone knows of such a thing but my searching of the DLS doesn't find much of use.

In advance, many thanks for your suggestions :)

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While I know nothing of those particular assets, the first thing you should do after "upgrading" from TANE to TRS19 is to install the DLC "Additional TANE Assets for TRS19". I have no idea if this will fix your specific problems but it will resolve other problems that you may not be aware of.

To install this content, select Content Store from the TRS19 Launcher window. In the Trainz Content screen that will appear type TANE in the text box just to the left of the Store "shopping bag" icon and hit the enter key. In the filtered list of DLC assets you will see "Additional TANE Assets for TRS19". Click the Install button next to this item.

After the install, perform a Database Repair.
All of the snowsignal assets are built in Gary and definitely work. I suspect that the kuid:67906:37201 kuid:67906:37211, you refer to, are bloodnok's assets. They are also built in and function correctly. They are all payware assets used on ECML KIngs Cross - Edinburgh route. I would suggest that assets that are not built in and migrated across from a previous version, or downloaded have errors. Auran/N3V cover these errors in their built in assets so that they can be used, on the payware routes.