Legacy of the BN II - Multiplayer Session - Beta


12/30/17 - A new version of the session has been made and uploaded to the DLS. See post #2 for details.

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<KUID:444517:100106> Legacy of the BN II - Multiplayer Session - Alpha

This is a multiplayer session I've made for the Legacy of the BN route sold at the trainz store. Portals and Industries have been set-up for continuous operations.
Requires Deluxe Content Add-on DLC. Requires DLS content.
Maximum Players: 10
Drivers Per Player: 2

Well lets just get right to it.

There are more than a dozen different consists saved into the portals. Thanks to the way portals work, you'll get a random set of consists to play along with every time.

All of the industries have been directed to unload the entire consist and have a timer. The timer is usually set to 30 seconds for each railcar.
The exceptions are the freight house, and refinery hood that produces coal. They run on a 10 second timer.

Additional trackmarks have been created to help you get parked if you need to, or just get you where you need to go.

Here's what I've put together on the session so far.
I hope you'll understand why only the Useful information made it onto the welcome page. It's meant to be used as a quick reference against your locomotive's details box. This way, you can make sure that you are not too long for the shortest non-restricted siding, which is forest lake. If you exceed that length, you'll need to work with your fellow players to make sure you can get through.
Watch out for over-length trains; although most trains will fit at forest lake, there are a few that won't.

------------Useful Information---------------------

Portal Name Location Emit Timer
Portal Producer Vernon 35 min
Portal Producer Add. Vernon 45 min
Portal 0 Wellington 45 min

Sidings Max. Clearance
Pine Hills 3056 ft
Northern Hill 3636 ft
Forest Lake 2769 ft
West Clyde 3636 ft
Wellington Grain Elevator 1373 ft
West Clyde Logging 777 ft

Local Industries Cars on Lease*
Wellington Energy Co. 100 x BN Open Hopper
32 x UTLX tanker

Wellington Petrol Co. 16 x UTLX tanker

Wellington Log Cache 20 x BN Bulkhead flat
Wellington Paper Co. 20 x Woodchip Hopper

Grain Corp. 36 x Covered Hopper

West Clyde Logging Co. 44 x BN Bulkhead flat
2 x UTLX tanker
*As a rule, these cars should remain on the route to be used
for their local service.

This later information didn't make it into the welcome page just because its a lot of info I need to learn html.

Scroll below to find the information that is relevant to you.

There are 4 local manifest crews working today. Each crew has a lash up of 5 SD-7 locomotives, each in different configuration.
Drivers may haul either coal or freight. You are not restricted to the consist you started with.
Communicate with your fellow operators and dispatcher to avoid collisions!

West Clyde Logging Co. Switcher Information
For the purpose of safety, WCL Co. has requested that you bring up 4 cars to the crane at a time. The crane will be ready to load more cars every 5 minutes.
Load the first cut of cars on your spur, leaving loaded cars behind the crane. Once the spur is clear, head down to the siding. Pull the empty cars out of the siding, and push them into the spur.
Next, grab 10 of your loaded cars and put them on the empty siding.
Now repeat the 4 car loading process with the remaining empty cars on the spur.
You should have 10 loaded cars on the siding, and 12 loaded cars behind and below the crane at the log camp.
When the Vernon switcher arrives at West Clyde with the empties, pull the cut of cars at the log camp to the main and couple them to the cut on the siding. Now uncouple and give the Vernon switcher room to grab the consist.
After the Vernon switcher has departed with the loaded cars, you can get over to West Clyde and grab the empties out of the siding. Set up your cars in the same configuration you started with to produce the same results.

Vernon Switching Information
There are two switching crews available at Vernon. They are free to co-operate and share the work load. These duties include switching out interchange traffic, loading and unloading cars at the sawmill, refinery, and Grain Corp.
Loaded boxcars go East or South, unloaded boxcars go West. The same assumption can be made for Centerbeam cars.
The Refinery creates sulfuric acid as a byproduct, use the ADM cars to get rid of it. All other tanker cars are to be loaded with diesel, petrol, or kerosene.
While Grain Corp. has cars on lease locally, they have many more cars on lease abroad that will arrive and require unloading.
At some point, one of the crews may take a break and take the 22 car cut of Bulkhead flatcars up to West Clyde to exchange cars with the log camp switcher.
-Special Instructions-
When you take the log train to West Clyde, park the 22 car cut on the siding at West Clyde and wait for the log switcher to finish their steps, then grab the consist after they have uncoupled from it. Head back down to Vernon. The log switcher will grab your empties once you are gone.

Wellington Switching Information
There are also two switching crews at Wellington. They will be responsible for unloading and reloading various cars around the Wellington area. This includes the scrap yard, freight house, and petrol distributor.
At some point you may have to deliver fuel to the power plant.
The Power Plant Co. restricts the unloading of Diesel fuel to no greater than 16 cars at a time.
The Steel Fabricators shop at the power plant requires regular drops of flatcars loaded with various pipes and containers.
There will also be extra BN/ATSF/Cylindrical hoppers that need to be loaded at the Wellington Grain Silo and shipped East.
-Work Crew-
Live the dream. Assemble the work train and close a siding. Assemble more cars to the work train as you see them.

Dispatcher Information
Portal Timers are important, but only for Portal Producer and Portal Zero. Both have consists emitting from them that are too long and will traverse the yard throat before their AI kick in.
This could lead to a derailment or collision at both the West Vernon yard throat (portal producer) and at the Wellington Interchange (portal zero).
To avoid this, probably it is best to have the switches set to the main track and avoid keeping outbound traffic on it during an expected arrival.
The traffic is only meant to keep things interesting, and the whole point of this is to have fun. Therefore, if things get stressful, bring it down a notch and delete some of the traffic or extra drivers.

Well, that's all I've got. :) Hope you enjoy the session. Feedback is appreciated.
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12/30/17 - I finished an update for the session. Turns out I didn't quite understand the update process and ended up making most of my corrections on a new KUID. Lesson learned :) we will move forward from here.

Some minor changes from the original session:

Added a few more driver commands such as priorityz, instant unload, and instant load locos.

Removed some of the initial traffic so that people have a chance to check the place out before they need to start dealing with traffic.

Priority 1 markers placed on the main for every siding to make them easier to see in map view and improve AI ability to pass at track speed.

Overhaul of Driver roster and portal roster.

Thats all I've got for now. To all the people who have given this a shot, thank you for your time! I hope you enjoy the new session.
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