Large route - better 5m or HD?



From other posts I have read regarding HD terrain and route size, it seems that for a large route, 5m might be better than HD....

Thoughts / opinions on this?

Fred Bray
I converted the UMR, which is on the DLS, to HD. The conversion went OK, but there is a problem. Due to the size of the converted route you cannot save it as a cd file

Here are the statistics before and after conversion.

Before: Route is 584.1 MB and session is 4.8 MB. After conversion: Route is 2,563.2 MB and session is 5.1 MB.

My understanding is you cannot save anything over 1,000 MB as a cd file.

After converting the route, it ran very well, and due to its great expanse of scenery it was visually good. Before converting the route, I had to make some adjustments to make sure that some of the critical textures were PBR. You cannot make these adjustments after conversion, at least in the great numbers that was required on this route.