KUDOS and thank you to Scratchy. Coal Country route is awesome!

<kuid2:45324:39200:1> JR PRR Signal Bridge 1 • Payware, from "C&O Hinton Division"
<kuid:103475:37018> VR Stockyard Cattle Fence • Payware, from "Healesville - 1913-1920"
<kuid:103475:37017> VR Stockyard Sheep Fence • Payware, from "Healesville - 1913-1920"
<kuid2:565830:100005:1> Stone Group 2 • Built-in, from "Kickstarter County"
<kuid:453099:101165> Miners House - 04 • Payware, from "C&O Hinton Division" and "Cornish Mainline and Branches (TRS19)"
<kuid2:211025:21006:4> st_rmm_kust19_106_2m • Built-in, from "Japan - Model Trainz", "Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC", "Canadian Rocky Mountains - Columbia River Basin" and "Cornish Mainline and Branches (TRS19)"

Some routes are imported from T:ANE.

This is irony for you, so I checked and installed about 4 or 5 routes that were in my queue and now it seems the only thing I am missing is [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif]<kuid:661281:85193> PBR Gravel 4 - Seasonal, can someone tell me which 2019 route its from ?[/FONT]
My lord, running this version of Coal Country in 2560x1440 with Ultra settings is like being in a movie !!! Scratchy, you are an artist....I thought the TANE version was beautiful but this version blows it away in a matter not even close. A thousand thank you's for your hard work and I look forward to your next Trainz 2019 route release with extreme eagerness.
And just a couple of shots of a CSX MOW crew waiting to start the day....


FYI I had to go KUID searching for one item: <kuid2:132952:100578:1>, SAM Track Stack - II/B, which downloads as a .rar file.


Am searching (in Content Manager) for the same missing Kuid with so far zero success. Might I ask where you eventually found it and was it listed as just SAM Track Stack - II/B. My searches using this description have turned up ziltch.
Many thanks

John Webster


Have answered my own question - courtesy of Trainz Kuid Index and Trainz et Compagnie. Coal Country (TRS19) now complete - I believe!
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Do we have any idea when N3V is ever gonna simply push the button to release this on CV for people who have it that way?

This wait time between JR and N3V is little meh. Add the fact 19 lacks a good NA route (Canada route was meh imho), full blown 19 with PBR and all... I need this in my life.
Do we have any idea when N3V is ever gonna simply push the button to release this on CV for people who have it that way?

This wait time between JR and N3V is little meh. Add the fact 19 lacks a good NA route (Canada route was meh imho), full blown 19 with PBR and all... I need this in my life.

Hi Kilrbe
I can't give any specific dates, as that will depend on testing. However the general process for DLC packs (including DLC pack updates) is that it will be tested internally, and corrections made by the creator, before it then goes for external testing and any further corrections made. Our aim, with the current system, is to help ensure that the DLC packs are as issue free as possible; but of course it will mean that it can take some time to release them.

We have been working on a new system for handling DLC submissions, which has delayed processing of DLC packs for a few months, but this should hopefully speed up release of DLC packs long term. Processing of DLC packs is progressing, but it does take time to package/test/etc each DLC pack at the moment.

I think there have been reports of one or two sessions acting a little weirdly which I may need to look at prior to N3V release.

While not the main driver of the delay, buying through JR obviously supports the team a lot more and one way we can reward that is by getting stuff out a little earlier.
Thanks for the route Scratchy, it's a gem. The free session with the hippos (PRR Decapods) that you have on K&L's site is just icing on the cake for me. I don't buy routes as a general rule - that's my preference. Coal Country is the only one. I bought it from N3V because they had it on a deep discount sale - at least twice. I don't like their modding policies in regards to their DLC payware. In Tane, N3V only allows you to play around with the sessions. While I can clone it in TRS19 and make changes they don't permit merging their DLC routes. Very disappointed with that policy - which I didn't find out til after I bought it. If JR had a similar sale I'd have bought it from them. JR puts no restriction on mods or merges for your own use. Something to consider when you make a purchase.

Bob Pearson.

[EDIT]I took advantage of the last JR sale and bought the JR version. I've got a few unknowns to track down. All I think were noted previously in this thread. I haven't DL any of the DLC routes yet hopefully I can find the unknowns there.
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Hi all,

For those of you that the price range for this route was slightly out of reach. We've now lowered the price of Coal Country (and Eagle River) on Jointedrail!

Grab Coal Country for TS19 or TANE (two versions available for download when purchased) for $19.99 USD now, thats half price! Enjoy

I'm missing these 3 kuids for the TRS19 version of Coal Country.

DL ONE of these 3 routes. You will find them in the content store under purchased.

<kuid2:515942:100169:21> Cornish Mainline and Branches - TRS19
<kuid2:57230:100074:14> Sebino Lake, Italy (1980s)
<kuid2:515942:100004:1> 1930s Cornish Mainline and Branches - Truro to Penzance
Scratchy, I'm missing several kuid's for the Horseshoe Curve route on the DLS. I'm using Trainz 2019 SP5. Most of them are by JR creators like norfolksouthern37 (Justin Cornell?) and 22alpha (Mike Cyr) and a couple by simulator train, and one by felix g, and two by Auran. I did manage to find some kuid's, but I'm still missing 19 assets that I can't find a link for. The JR ones I search by kuid or object name if I found on google what it is in JR and nothing found. Like Northpoint Fire Dept and a girdir bridge by Mike Cyr. How can I get the missing kuid's now? Maybe they were available several years ago but they can't be found now. Also, I'm missing some mainline track, do you know what it is?