Kickstarter County - Fossil Fuels


I have tried this about six times now and cant seem to get out off the yard. I take the tankers to St Nicolaas Yard and drop them off, then move my constant to couple up to the coal cars, and that's it. What am I doing wrong. Will not let me leave from there.:confused: Thanks in advance for any help.
Entering Daydream

Hi folks,

Ive had a go at Fossil Fuels a couple of times now and have successfully reached the turn to Daydream Mine from the main line into the village. Having slowly passed the amber caution signal I am told that the session has expired because I have entered the yard limit without authorisation. I have rerun and waited at the signal but nothing happens. Where is the yard limit and how do I get permission to enter?

Help much appreciated.
I have the same problem with entering Daydream Mine. I recently re-installed TRS19 and have tried running at lower performance levels and also checked dependencies in Content Manager and the session's layers. The trigger for yard entry is in the session but I do not receive any message regarding entering the Mine. As soon as I go into the yard, the session terminates due to lack of permission to enter the yard. Does anyone have an idea about why this is happening and what can be done?
Fossil Fuels is a session in the the Tane version of the game. It's likely to have problems in '19. For '19 you should be running "Kickstarter County 2" - A number of the Tane version sessions have issues in '19, mostly with signals.
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You can run Tane sessions in 19 but first thing I do is go into the session and delete the rule that kills the game if a red signal is passed. This allows me to pass a red signal if I need to. Also, plan on playing the game straight through because restarts of a saved game don't work well. Enjoy it if it works, don't be surprised of problems arise. It's a good excuse to view and learn the session editor.
Fossil Fuels remains one of my favourite KC sessions from T:ANE days.
It pays to examine the route map carefully before commencing the session in Driver mode.
Note there is a Yard Limit validation point/ trigger near the entrance to the mine. Don't go over that whilst conducting shunting ops in the mine yard until your consist replenishment or unloading tasks are complete and you have permission to continue to the next task (Return to St Nicolaas Yard to drop off the empty diesel tankers...).
1611mac is right - it is a great case-study opportunity to learn more about session creation and editing.
I too highly enjoyed how to figure out the move at the mine. First time I ran it I made so many un-necessary moves! It's really quite easy if one goes through the scenario's in mind before running it. So PC_Ace, you are right. Planning and thinking should come before action.

For anyone who has '19 and not Tane. You should consider purchasing Tane. It's only $7.00. Yes, you can run Tane routes/sessions in '19 but they don't always work 100%. It's just more enjoyable to run Tane routes in Tane in my opinion.