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Below is my first draft of a guide for the session "Dispatchin' the Action". I'm hoping to address the challenges that I faced as a new player, to make it easier for the next new player. Hopefully much of this can be added to this hints page to make it more useful:'_the_Action


"Dispatchin' the Action" is a session on the Kickstarter County 2 route that is intended to introduce players to the role of dispatcher in Trainz, directing AI drivers through the session to complete a total of nine tasks ( 1 passenger, 8 freight). The session is designed well for its purpose, but there is very little guidance provided to the new players on how to complete the tasks. This is a guide to help new players learn how to dispatch AI drivers through the session.

The first thing a player needs to know is how to issue commands to AI drivers. [youtube video or screen capture images]

When you start the session, you will see a list of Passenger Tasks (0/1) and Freight Tasks (0/8). Click to see the full lists; the numbers indicate the number of tasks that have been completed, but it does not tell you which tasks have been completed.

You are given seven drivers/engines to complete nine tasks. Five of the drivers are ready for specific tasks at the beginning; you just have to give them the commands to get started. The remaining four tasks have to be assigned to the two remaining drivers and/or use one of the other drivers after they have completed their initial task.

One of the biggest challenges as is dispatcher is dealing with the long single track between Fogarty's End and Arsao Village [see track diagram]. You want to avoid a "cornfield meet" along that track because it could be a long trip backwards for one of the trains. In the beginning there are three trains coming down the mountain while you are sending as many up the mountain.

AI drivers can at times behave in unexpected ways, so keep an eye on them.

Sometimes they indicate being "stuck" when what they are really doing is waiting for the track ahead of them to clear.

Sometimes they get stuck between junctions and just need a manual push to get going.

Dennis is the driver of the yard switching engine tasked with pulling apart a consist to assemble four CP boxcars. He will need lots of help.

When using "Navigate to" be sure to also select the correct platform.

Don't forget to load/unload at industries/stations.

Left to his own devices, Miksa will drive his long coal train through the Gard Family siding and prevent trains from using the siding, getting stuck in the process. Use track marker #60 (drive to trackmark.., or drive via trackmark...) to keep Miksa on the main line while allowing access to the Gard Family siding.

Start: Main yard
Task: 3 cars woodchips from Gard to Horizon
Navigate to Gard Family Forestry: woodchip platform
Navigate to Horizon...

Start: Main yard
Task: Leave a rake of 4 CP Rail boxcars at the siding of OnTrack Printing
The four CP boxcars have to be separated from the middle of the consist in the main yard, then sent to nearby OnTrack Printing.

Start: Southeast Produce
Task: 4 cars fruits/vegs from Southeast to Ricochet
Navigate to Ricochet; unload

Start: Oyonix Station
• Navigate to Smallbrook Jct... unload,load
• Navigate to Arsao Village... unload,load
• Navigate to Zaandam-Kogerveld... unload,load
• Navigate to Fogarty's End... unload,load
• Navigate to St. Nicolaas... unload

Start: Rubycon
Task: 10 cars of coal to be delivered to power station
Couple with Coal Hopper 1
Drive to/via trackmark #60
Navigate to Westside Power Station... coal platform

Start: Main yard
Task: unassigned

Start: Main yard
Task: unassigned

4 cars of pallet goods from Ricochet to Rubycon
Use the four boxcars that are already assembled and waiting in the main yard.
couple with 40' Boxcar 4
Navigate to Ricochet... platform
Navigate to Rubycon

4 cars diesel from Jackson to Daydream
Use the four tanker cars that are already assembled and waiting in the main yard.
couple with Tanker 40' UTLX 1
Navigate to Jackson Refinery ... platform
Navigate to Daydream mine ... diesel platform

2 cars logs from Clearwater to Gard Family sawmill
Use the two flatcars that are already assembled and waiting in the main yard.
couple with BNSF Flatcar 1

2 cars lumber from Gard to Rosario
Use the train with two flatcars that just delivered the logs

Dispatchin' the Action track diagram

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I use that route as a standard when I am having system issues. I also enjoy just running one train on it. Now, thanks to you, I may take a more serious look and follow your guidance. Good Stuff.
Here are some images to go with the guide. These images show how to select Driver commands:

First, change the Control Mode to issue Driver Commands:


Next, click on the chevron looking thingy:


Select the industry and the platform using the not-at-all obvious other chevron looking thingy:


From the wiki main page:

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It sounds like you should be able to add it yourself, unless I'm misunderstanding something!
That Wiki addition is just what is needed. But, if I had read this early in my N3V career I might have opt'd to stay with flight sims. A fascinating puzzle of a scenario that already exists, but in pieces, What we need now is the buildup to that point. Things happened to make that single point in time, what were they. The skilled N3V user could fashion that part of the overall process. But perhaps someone could create a similar written explanation of the Beginning of Dispatchin Action.