Junctions to control access to track crossing


Being new to Trainz, I don't know if this is the best way to control access to a track crossing. I laid out a figure eight track with one track crossing using the default track. I ran four AI trains all in the same direction. Used many block signals to control trains. I used two junctions on the exit side of the crossing using invisible track. I put two triggers outside of each of the junctions. The triggers where set to close the junction on the opposite leg of the crossing and open the leg of the current train that activated the trigger. Open junction, junction switch away from crossing and closed junction toward crossing. I ran the four trains for about 15-20 min. without incident. I know there has been some discussion about crossing so I'm adding this as maybe another way to do a track crossing. Next to make it work with trains going in different directions which I have done with a single track and a ground crossing.
ASB (Automatic Signal Box) by Boat seems to be regarded as one of the most complete ways to do this... There are many threads on this.

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