JR Midwest Grain 3.0 Switches and Diamonds


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I was wondering how did the Jointed Rail Midwest Grain 3.0 route get those pretty switches and diamonds?
Finally using some right keywords gives me my result. As a result this topic is now invalid.
What do you mean?

Whoever built the route, I think it's Alpha22 or Yutzk, used regular track and carefully laid the switches. This process takes time and practice to get right. I've been using Trainz since December 2003 and I still have switch and diamond crossing issues. In fact I've gone through the areas of a route I built over the years and have redone junctions and that to be of a much better standard.

The other issue too is what track are you using? Some tracks are a bit too "chunky" because their bend segments are too big. This causes awful looking junctions.

I find too that templates help. These are usually scenery objects which are placed down and the track lined up over them. These help by keep the track aligned and the bends looking right.

Again, it all boils down to practice...