jointed rail


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Hi everyone I am trying to find train layout that use Jointed Rail assets
I am also trying to reset my password at jointed rail but they haven't sent me a reset
email yet and I have tryed 5 times
If someone could help that would be great
Thanks everyone
Chris Sullivan
I am certain that there are a multitude of routes that use JR assets, as they are very popular. If you want one that is primarily JR assets, I suggest trying one of their freeware or payware routes. A couple of things to be careful of, some of their routes are free, but the dependency pack is payware. Also, some of their older freeware routes they no longer support, so if you are missing assets or have faulty assets, you may not get help from them. Finally, you may want to post down in their thread, which is under the Third-Party Partners forum, for both account support and finding layouts.
Huge Thank You

Hi there Guys and Girls A HUGE Thank You for all your help
All is sorted with JR so I am very happy.
Chris Sullivan