japanese content for trainz?


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Sorry if I post it in wrong part of the forum.
Is someone know any good freeware Japanese routes for trainz? And second thing.I'm looking for realistic Japanese catenary.I wonder if it possible to find some good freeware content apart from the one from DLS somewhere? I have already downloaded Japanese catenary from DLS ,but I'm not fully satisfied of it.
Run a search for "Japanese". You' get hits on other threads that cover Japanese content, wip routes, available routes etc.
On some of those other threads, your question will be better answered.

Good Luck! 👍

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You might check out the Shinkansen route by pagroove on the DLS. Not only a great route, but he uses some pretty good catenary, I think. It is still a work in progress, but if you get the latest version, you will find a lot to enjoy.