I've had it too!!!


I've been away for a few days since I last played Trainz. When I returned, I installed a CDP pack and CMP installed all the crap nicely. I tried opening CDP a second time, and selected the Today filter with the intention of comitting all the stuff from the CDP pack. The Today tab would remain active for a few seconds, then it CMP would switch back to the Current Search tab and continue to "Apply Filter" for eternity. So I though I would leave it alone for a while and continue building my route. I launched Trainz from the Trainz launcher (...), and it would sit there not responding for the rest of the afternoon. I tried running the installer, and this fantastic game doesn't actually have a repair function.

In my two years with Trainz, I have never had this kind of problem. Perhaps it's because I don't do custom content very often, and all the silly troubleshooting associated with it, I only download when absolutely neccesary.

It's doesn't help alot that we have an extremely helpful community judging from the replies my previous thread received.
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Sorry Mike, I've tried that, but CMP continues to crank non stop.
Trainz is still unable to run, even after a system restore.

I'm reconsidering a reinstall. It's high time I got SP1 too. ;)

I need some help here. I bought my copy of Trainz from the UK publisher JustTrains (wrong decision, I know). Since I can't open up Trainz, I can only try to recall my TRS build number, which I think is 2773. I came across this article http://www.merscomsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=584&sid=f5197a340737390fb0fb7577ffee0a50 regarding SP1 for TRS2006 build 2761 patched to 3092.

I have this app on my computer which I forgot where I got it from. It's name is TRS2006_UK_2773-3099, so I'm assuming it's SP1 as well.

What I want to know is, what is the difference between the two, and are there any advantages/disadvantages of one over the other?
Have you tried TRS2004? My version TRS2006 should be at the dump by now and burned up completely. It's what I did, btw.;)
Hi nicky9499,

I would say from your post the one you have on your computer is the correct one if you have build 2773. I don't know what the difference is but I do know if you use the wrong patch you will end up with a mess.

The main advantage in using SP1 is better stability in both Trainz and in CMP plus the fact there are quite a few items and routes that will not work without sp1.

Hope this helps,
Okay people,

I uninstalled Trainz, reinstalled it, applied the patch so now it is in theory build 3099. There was only one snag, Trainz Map didn't install correctly. Ended up with the pleasant error reporting dialog (assuming MS monitors it at all). I have yet to run TRS2006 since the installation of SP1, so before I jump in again, do I need to do anything else before running TRS for the first time? Should be okay, but I'm just playing safe.

Hoping for quick replies.
Cheers, Nicholas.;)
Little update here.
I got a little help from a friend. Trainzmap works fine now (although I still don't know what it's for). I copied all my backed up custom content from the local folder before the reinstall back to the current local folder. None of the custom content shows up? Gosh, I wouldn't want to lose those hundreds of hours of work!!! Am I doing something wrong here? I entered Trainz, and it is build 3099. Do I have to do something to make those custom content and routes show up?
Go into where Trainz is installed, if there is a assets.tdx file, delete it, go into the cache folder, if there is a assets.bku file, delete it also.

Start Trainz (NOT CMP), this will cause Trainz to 'rebuild' its cache, your content should then reappear, just like magic.
Thanks truckloads AussieNightCrawler! They appeared! Out of nowhere!!
Are there any other scenarios where I might find this delete-the-assets.tdx-file method useful?

Gosh, I am so happy. :D
When my trainz crashes, I go and COPY the Assets.bku from the cache folder, then paste it into the Auran folder and RE-NAME it assets.tdx. Works every time (although sometimes I have to restart my PC).
I found that out after doing a search through the forum...after reinstalling Trainz. What a whole lot of time wasted. And I lost all my Trainzoptions settings. :'( Thanks though.
A free utility that tracks the "assets.tdx" file is available from http://trainz.ws/tarl/ It is called TAD Monitor (Trainz Asset Directory Monitor) Install this and many hours of frustration caused by CMP instability will be avoided. Everytime CMP has a wobbly and loses its Directory run TAD and all assets will be put back to where they should be.
Good Luck.
Hi Bolivar, I just installed the program and it appears to work great. CMP hasn't been giving me problems (yet), so when time comes we'll see. ;)
I have it running whenever I have CMP open. It changes the asset database whenever a change is made in CMP. This is why it is handy, when Trainz drops its load and forgets where its assets are, TAD Monitor is waiting there with all the info required to recover the database.
I've been struggling with 2006 for weeks now, CMP seems to be the major problem. How do you get a copy of SP1? I keep checking Auran but it doesn't seem to be available.
I've been struggling with 2006 for weeks now, CMP seems to be the major problem. How do you get a copy of SP1? I keep checking Auran but it doesn't seem to be available.

please go to the TRS2006 section of the forum and look in the FAQ sub-catagory.

Peter, thank you for the link, I've downloaded it and I'm going to do a complete reinstall, here's hoping.
Reinstall complete, Everything seems to be working fine now, thank you for the aid and assistance, one more thing does anybody out there know who cloaked ghost is I had some of his work on my old setup and I thought I had saved everything but I have a couple of holes and it is his crossings that are missing.
THANK YOU AussieNightCrawler!

TRS2006 quit working on me about the time you posted your 'fix'. Amazingly this worked! Probloems started after trying to do a download with CMP.

Thanks for your post.
Ray in Denver