It's been an interesting 12 years of Trainzing... Happy Anniversary to me!

I remember the waffle cards. Do I ever, I even got the waffle train and the upside down bottle of maple syrup which was an industry. :D

Yes, so many years have gone by. I remember the big crash when we were all nervously biting our fingernails and hoping the failed disks from the server could be restored. I miss bloodnok, Euphod and Charlie Lear; they were legends in their time. And Alastair. Remember the AI thread which went something like, "Where's Alastair?" (somewhere in the dirt in Rosworth Vale) Like you, Alastair was a great help to one and all, and then his father came in, found the thread open and told us of Alastair's untimely demise. We were - and are community; we had great fun, and great agonies. May there be many more years of great fun - and more helpers like your good self and Shane Turner. (I found Shane Turner Ave the other day, do you have a road named after you?)
Many more years of enjoyment and good health to you, John.

(excuse me, I just found Citron's Hollow in 80260! )
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Sorry for barging in, but Lost_Soul? Really brother. Long time no see. Hope you are doing well.



PS - Sorry for the off topic bit John. It's not often when we see the old timers here as it were.
Congratulations John. That started me thinking; when did I start? My first encounter with Auran was to download their MSTS DDA40X Centennial diesel. When they asked me for a nickname (not username in those days) I couldn't have my first choice so reacted quickly and ended up with the rather stupid one I have now. My first encounter with Trainz itself was with the original demo and I wasn't very impressed. However when SP1 came along I changed my mind, especially in view of MSTS's horrible route and activity creation, and haven't looked back since. Yes although Trainz has its faults (although my pet gripe the overlapping Alpha channel problem seems at last cured in TANE) I still find no reason to look for anything else. Also unlike some people on this forum I do appreciate the confict between commercial survival and perfection.

May I wish a happy New Year and many more years of Trainzing to you John and the other old timers.
Congratulations John and to all other OLD Trainz'ers.
Many of us changed over too Trainz, After the frustration with MSTS this programme was a godsend too our Sanity, though maybe not to our Wives?.

I'm with you Peter MY first Trainz Receipt was 4/11/2001 and I picked up my discs Personally from the Office at the Wool stores at Hamilton.

So Yesterday I reinstalled my first Discs just for the heck of it, the Laptop didn't want to know about it but the Desk top Did.

Of course the graphics are well ? no more than expected, but without being able to stop the rotation of spline circle's I would not be able to work in surveyor again, I dont want Migraine's again.

But it was good as a reminder of the start of 14 Years spent keeping my mind active.

Cheers and keep on enjoying this hobby.

Good for you John from the eccentric Glaswegian!

Must say that I am really glad after coming across Trainz by accident years ago and realised unlike MTS which i had initially tried there was a chance that i could actually build something (!). It allowed me to build the whole of my city's former big tramway system shut away back in 1962. And now to do the build you know about over in N. Irleand where I have spent many a happy holiday since young and taken boys camps there too. In moments of passing emotional I would recommend the creators of a knighthood over in Aussie but I don't know HM too well being a bit faraway from this city.

You have been a "guid laddie" in your part here and I am glad that your commitment is still important and mine to Trainz is too.

Lang may yir lum reek.

Congratulations Mr Citron, may I call you John.
You and all the other old timers are an inspiration to me and other newbies, I am an old timer in years, having found a Trainz demo and followed the forums before plumping for TS 2010EE quickly followed bu PC upgrade to accomodate 2012. More of a route builder than driver I am holding off installing TANE until all the updates are combined into the next disc issue.
Long may you continue to assist us all.
Yeah it's been an interesting ride and one that hasn't always been as smooth as we see it through the rosy glasses. :) There were a few times last year and a bit before that I ready to drop the whole kit and caboodle right in the trash. The constant database validations for TS12 and the unending crashes for T:ANE made me really think that the product had reached it's end and it was time to move on. Like all things, I said to myself, nothing is for ever. Then things got better and I'm still here and will continue to support and hopefully pave the way for future versions. With that said, I do need the support of everyone too, young and old, so we can make this a great product that will continue to be just as fun to use now as it was when we first started using it oh so many years ago now.

The other day I opened up a CD backup disk, not even a DVD either, that I made back in the early days. On it was my route version 1.1. I was tempted to load it up into T:ANE and have a laugh. I liked some of the things I did on that route and maybe will adopt them to future versions. There are other things, though, which I would consider hokey today as my route building techniques have changed drastically since then. I too spend most of my time surveying and building and then driving only what I make to reap the rewards of all the hard work.

Right now I'm running T:ANE Build 80260 and have everything installed I had running in TS12 and it all works! This wasn't without the usual cleanup of asset faults, no fault to the content creator, but due to the stricter validation. Once I got my stuff cleaned up, it was great running the Tidewater Point Rail routes with all the shadows and glory that were only in the dreams so many years ago. I then went on to finish up my Gloucester Route (it'll never be finished) as I reinstall the catenary again. This I will say is more difficult in T:ANE not due to the tools being different, which they're not. It's due to the shadows which confuse me when I'm stringing splines over the tracks! I get the wire shadow mixed up with the actual object and miss the alignment.

Hey John why not turn the shadows off when working in surveyor ?


I did do that after I struggled for an hour with it. Sometimes I can be a bit slow and continue to bump myself in the head before I realize what's hitting me. :)

I think after 12 Years of loyal dedication you can be excused for the occasional lapse of expertise! Hope I can manage that long only 7 years so far, longest I've ever stuck to one game!
Reading through these posts has given me an appropriate reminder of how significant Trainz has become to many of us, and how much we need to remember the people who helped and inspired us along the way.
Thank you John for posting - and sincere best wishes to you on this anniversary.
I've never created anything. I have stuck (through all the versions) with my fictional route which covers about 20 kms - and because of other people's content, and other people's inspiration (and in a lot of cases their help) I have had nearly 13 years of pleasure and satisfaction.
I too miss those inspiring "old timers" who aren't here any more.
These posts have provided a timely reminder that every now and then we should "raise a glass' to them in thanks.
Here's to a great 2016.
Only just seen this. Congratulations John - having done 10 years myself back in October I can definitely agree with you about how life changing, and addictive, this game can be. Here's to the next 12 years.

Happy anniversary John

and to all members who are celebrating one year to 15 year anniversary's!!!!!!!!!

Happy trainz to you John!!!

A sad story though, I did not know Trainz could actually change someone's life though, but yet I can see why.

And make sure no spiders escape the N Scale Layout!