Issue With Southern Pacific GE CW44-9 From Jointed Rail

Hi all,

I just bought the Southern Pacific GE-CW44-9 locomotive from Jointed Rail and I installed it into the cmp. However, When I went into my edit session to add that locomotive for a consist of a train. It shows up in the list of that I have, But I cant add the locomotive to any consist. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here? Thanks in advance.

From the looks of it, I am missing <kuid2:45324:100271:1>

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Just a thought - why don't you post this in the Jointed Rail forum (under 3rd Party Partners)? They may see it quicker there.

If it is the locomotive and if it is showing up in the train list when I am building a train, But cant put it on a consist. Then, What did I do wrong when I installed it?