Is This Scenario Reasonable?


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A foreign railroad leaves a consist on a "transfer track", A local engine next takes the deposited consist to the main yard, Later that consist has product transferred to or from it and it is returned to the yard. An engine now takes it to the "transfer track" for pickup by the foreign railroad. Is this reasonable or a fiction?
That sounds logical to me. That's how I operate my Gloucester Terminal Electric. A mainline freight passing through on the mainline leaves a few freight cars for the short line. The switcher comes out and grabs those and leaves others for pick up later. After switching out the industry for the cars dropped off, they too are coupled on to the others waiting for pick up and the switcher returns to switching others in the yard for other industries as the switchmen make up a small freight for delivery elsewhere on the system.

Sometime later...

The mainline freight from either Boston or Rockport switches in the waiting cars and leaves a few more before continuing on to its destination. Switching in and out is a manual thing done by me while the AI drive between the portals. I also do the switch job and over the road local myself as it's easier that way and gives me a chance to enjoy the run to the other end of the 7.5-mile route.
Thanks, my starter portal is also Boston, using the Costal Maine route created by MSGSAPPER years ago. Added in the Esopus route by Approach Medium, for flavor. I may add a portal for the North East Main logging industry. Good Discovery TV reality series on that. Giant mill with a very large inventory of logs up there. I think I will let the program drive the trains.
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Wow, that's a nice combination. I merged Approach Medium's DB&E into my own New England route via an i-portal. The route serves as an outside connection to run traffic to my original route. That route alone is a nice one to drive and it fits well in the New York and New England region. If you purchased Joe's route from Jointed Rail, meaning you can edit and merge the route, check out his Hudson and Western.

For a mere $10.00, this route merges into the Dry Brook and Esopus at Esopus where the Conrail mainline crosses over the abandoned tracks out of Esopus. I "spruced up" the tracks between the office buildings and then connected the tracks up. Since the baseboard is bare a short distance beyond the DB&E scenery, I filled that in with other buildings and some houses. He has a trolley line that terminates in the road at that point on the H&W and I continued that to a trolley barn and turnaround. The H&W has a nice small yard and a bunch of industries to switch. Dated back in the 1940s, I had to modernize it by updating the vehicles but other than that nothing else was changed.

I didn't catch that series on Discovery so I must look for it. Coming from Southern New England, that part of Maine is at the minimum of 200 miles north of me. Some years ago, a family friend and partner owned a motel in Rumford, ME just outside of Mexico where a paper mill is located. That mill is still active today and when we were up there, I got to see some mill operations while waiting for family while they were shopping.

Bob's Maine Coastal is a nice route. I believe it's a combo of a few routes by George Fisher including part of the Gloucester Terminal. My Gloucester Terminal & Electric is an updated version of George's Gloucester Terminal a fictitious route based on a what-if a railroad was built along the waterfront. Seeing the track layout, I changed the route to an interurban system with a diesel switching operation that handles industries and warehouses located along the docks. Located off to one corner is a quarry operation. During the 19th and early to mid-20th century, rail-served quarries were common in Rockport and Gloucester. The lines were disconnected from the Rockport branch and blocks were hauled by boats from the docks. Today, they're all gone but the ROWs are still there. One of them operated until the 1940s or early 50s using a narrow-gauge railroad. George was a great Trainz modeler and I wish he was still active. He's up there and years and like many has disappeared from the scene.
I can't find it anymore, but there was a puzzle (on paper) of two tracks that crossed at a 90-degree angle. The north-south track was one railroad, and the east-west track another railroad. The factory in the southeast corner had to get cars from its siding to a siding for a factory in the northwest corner. The answer involved something like 72 or 75 individual switching functions. Of course, there was more to it, as there had to be transition switches from east-west to north south and vice versa (those kind of worked as the "transfer track"). If anyone happens to have that link, please post it.