Is there good VR technology for Trainzers and PC users?


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virtual reality human input/output devices

I want to be able to fully use my desktop computer with its attendant gaming hardware while laying down flat or on my side in bed. This includes typing, Trainzing, video watching and etc. I have health problems sitting in a home office chair for prolonged periods. I do have to hunt/peck while keyboarding. I do use a PC mouse.

What if there was a VR headset I could wear in bed with a virtual keyboard and mouse as well?

I can also use remote access/desktop software as from TeamViewer to view/control Trainz from my laptop while lying on my bed. Trainz is running natively on my gaming desktop PC, the host. But guess what? Lousy graphics on the guest PC, the laptop. Remote access is through a non-robust WiFi connection. Not the same robust level of graphics throughput as to the monitor hardwired by HDMI right to the host PC's GPU. Remote access is no good for gaming. Might be OK for video streaming but I can video stream natively on my laptop anyway.

A VR headset for Trainz-grade/gamer-grade purposes also might have to be wired directly to the host gaming PC for no latency. Anywhere there is wireless connectivity between a gaming GPU and a display there is slow-down. Freeze frame. I don't know how potent Bluetooth technology is for video display. Playing Trainz via remote access is a total "slide show".
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