Is there a tool to Scale Objects?


RR Mod Maker
I am working on a route in Surveyor and wondered if there is a tool like the Shape Manager Paul Gaudsen did for MSTS that allows you to adjust the size of an object or car or feature, in the x, y, and z axis. is there a function like that in Surveyor or for Trainz? I am working on a 2004 route so it would need to work for that format if available. thanks for help on this if there is any.

I have seen notes in some of the old 2004 objects like some of Euphod's people saying that it is possible to adjust the height of the figures but i was not sure how that was done.
There is no current tool that will do this, and it is extremely unlikely there ever will be. MSTS model format is not the same as the Trainz one and does not allow changes to the original mesh which would be required for scaling a model.

I'm not certain of this because it's too long since I read the posts of Euphod that you're referring to, but I believe that the height referenced is the ability to move some objects relative to the baseline of the baseboard. So, to provide an example, given a store, you can't change the height of the store, but you can move the store up and down so that the front door has the proper offset from the sidewalk.

OK thanks for the replies i figured this was the case but needed to ask appreciate the replies and sorry it took so long to get back to this thread.