Tool to create tables in config file

That is settings to remember the check box value and is stored in registry, I am not sure it Libre Office will save or read from the same registry line as MS Office. If the tool is used for the first time, it saves the default values of all check boxes, it looks like Libre office don't do that. It is trying to read the settings and cannot find it.
Let me download and install Libre and see what I can do
It's quite a while since I used Excel actively but reading through the posts I noted several comments on sorting.

To sort a kuid in order you need to split the kuid into separate columns for each part.

eg kuid author id asset number and asset extension.

You can then use Excel's built in function and sort by single or multiple columns.

You can use the first block of lines for your stats ie. Grand total in each column, Total selected, % selected, et al.

The next block is your headers. This also has the sort button by column.

Sorting can be done by colour, or text or both. The most useful sort is the one "contains".

So, if you have an asset <kuid2:1234:5678:1>, and many more in your first column, and then you use 'contains 1234' then it will select all lines with kuids belonging to that author. This avoids the manual manipulation to get rid of <>.

The stats then show how many assets that author has.

Some additional sort functionality could be applied to show the age of an asset and/or which trainz build it is part of. (TRS12, TANE, TS19, TS22 and the next.)

Other sorts could be by age (this year, previous year, older than 5 years, ancient.

Another attribute could be "when was the last time the author updated any or all of their assets."

An important piece of information is the authors License, particularly if they state it's free to clone, or upload to DLS. If not you ask authors permission, or if no license then International copyright pertains. Bear in mind the special rules that are imposed by assets housed on the DLS. This gets further complicated by Builtin, and packaged assets housed on the DLC

Trainz Content Manager and its in-game equivalent in conjunction with custom filters can provide a lot of info.

Your Excel macro would be very useful for both authors and repairers, but please realise the size of the task. Creeping excellence can be a killer. Here are some stats to illustrate based on my experience with building TARDIS. Each time I think I have covered all the bases, someone moves the goalposts.

as @ 23 MAR 24 applicable to my installation

TAD (total assets in database) 700,624
Installed on my machine 493,841 (almost the complete DLS less OBS-DLS)
Number of assets I still have to test in TARDIS 52,170 (Currently takes between 3 secs and 20 secs per asset to automatically scan and correct). Manually I can do 100/day. Using TARDIS I often exceed 3,000. Best 24 hours was 15,000.
CRAP 1570 ( # unfixable by me incl Speedtreez Mk 5, Polygon issues, Missing dependants and dependencies, Need LOD, and so it goes on.
BI ( builtin Trainz plus) 4,808
Packaged 62,800 includes Payware.
OBS-DLS (Obsolete on DLS) 202,343
Obsolete Packaged 2,702 includes Payware.

I first started on TARDIS in 2006. Just a few experienced Trainzers have helped over the years, but sadly they faded away, When will TARDIS be finished? I'm 88yrs old and past my Use by Date.

Hope this ramble gives you food for thought. Best of luck.

Ian in New Zealand
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Thank you Leendert :) !

That's service 😇 🤗 !


Sorry for late reply, I have been busy on another project (related to Trainz😁) I had a look, there is a few differences in the language. At this stage I am not going to do it. If someone who is more familiar with Libre, wants to fix the errors, you are welcome to do it.