Is there a way to change camera focus automatically



Is there a way to have the camera change from one train (or driver) to another during an automated session? That is, while just sitting back and looking at the screen while the trains run, directed by driver commands.
A driver command? An event caused by a trigger maybe?

Hi Paul
Yes there is. You may like to check this Wiki topic Set Camera Rule for help setting the Camera rule.
I have used this in the past with the Trigger Check rule help also on the Wiki.
Make the Set Camera Rule a child of the Trigger Check rule. How to Use Parent and Child Rules

You could also do something similar with the time check rule to change camera view at a set time for example.

Be careful how you set the triggers; I set one up in one session so I would go into cab mode when passing through a tunnel and then back out of cab mode when exiting without really thinking it through and every time any train passed the trigger I would end up in cab view mode in what ever consist I was driving at the time.

Hello Ian,

Thanks for your reply.
Your last remark raised some doubts: the trigger caused your camera mode to change in the active consist/train.
What I need is not a change of camera mode per se; I want a change of the train that has the camera focus.
I will have a look at the combination of Trigger Check rule and Set Camera rule.
Thank you again.

Hello Ian,

It has worked, in part at least.
It turned out to be necessary to leave Surveyor before starting the session. Restarting the rules with the button did not do the trick.
I could not entirely achieve what I want: I need a pause between the activation of the trigger and the change of camera focus. I included the Wait rule, but so far that did not work. Now nothing happens at all.
According to the description, the action that one wants to happen should be a child of the Wait rule. So the Wait rule is a child of the Trigger Check rule and the Set Camera rule is a child of the Wait rule.
Alas, it does not work.
I am on beta 125409. Maybe that is a problem.

You have put me on a track, thanks anyhow.

Just now I tried the Check Trackside rule, as a replacement for the Trigger Check. And it works! Check Trackside does start the Wait rule, which in turn starts the Set Camera rule.
It even works simultaneously with a Wait for Trigger command in the Driver Setup. And that with one and the same single, simple trigger.

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