Is the magic gone?

John, you hit the nail on the head. I never had much room for a model railroad and even less now and from day 1 Trainz was my model railroad ...... only better than anything I could ever hope to have IRL. I still have all my HO stuff in boxes just like Trainz so ya never know but Trainz will be running on my PC before my models will ever see the light of day..... Of that I am sure.:D

The same with me as well. When TRS2004 came along, my N-scale stuff got boxed up after the spiders setup residence on the layout. I too still have it but no room, or money for that matter, to setup a layout again.
I had a large HOn3 Model Railroad but had to give up on it as it got too expensive on my (retired) fixed income. I had (still have) a HON3 0-6-0T that cost $495. Its barely 2 inches long. MRR'ing is a great hobby but one that seems to be getting priced beyond the average Joes ability to afford.

As for the magic of Trainz - I think its still there but has changed a lot as Trainz has gotten more and more technical.

My story is a little different. I was a HOn3 model railroader that got lured away for a time by flight simulation. I eventually decided, based on my flight sim experience, to give train simming a try. At first I was not impressed, but with the passage of time I have learned some new skills, including route building and 3D modelling, and I now believe that train simming offers way more possibilities. Compared to those HO craftsman kits, I am not faced with a limited choice of very expensive kits, I can model anything my heart desires and it costs nothing. As far as the size of the route is concerned, no way a model layout can compete with the simulated world. And I don't have to deal with keeping the track clean so the trains run smoothly. :hehe: I have stopped looking back at real modeling and am now really enjoying virtual modeling. I'm ready to sell all that HO stuff on the shelf.

For me the magic has just begun and, in spite of a few hiccups along the way, there is no doubt in my mind that with each new incarnation Trainz gets better.

Paul :)
Paul --

"For me the magic has just begun and, in spite of a few hiccups along the way, there is no doubt in my mind that with each new incarnation Trainz gets better."

I agree. For me the real Wow!~! moment was when I saw the first of the model Trainz layouts and I realised that is what I had actually been constructing ever since I purchased TRS2004.

That together with the wonderful reflections and shadows in T:ANE has really given me inspiration to construct layouts that take advantage of what Trainz now offers.

The clue is in my name, I modelled European railways until a growing family strangled the funding.
I've been using Trainz to make my projects, it works out a lot cheaper and changing a track plan is easier too!
I don't have enough PC grunt to use TANE yet, but a suitable PC is in the pipeline for early next year.
I don't think the magic has gone. Sure, we'll never get back to the "good old Trainz/forum days of 2004 to 2007" but hey, that "good old" applies to a lot of things in life... Who knows, hopefully I'm proven wrong!!!

It's great to see that Trainz is continuing to evolve. Mostly for the better!!!

I'm happy to continue to support N3V with their "next' Trainz incarnation & buy DLC content. (Anyone with an ounce of brains knows that the only way N3V are going to survive in this tough world is if the "community supports" and buy N3V products)...

The only thing I'd like to add is that I found it hard to accept that Tane was launched when it was! Wasn't ready for prime time! IMHO it was only really a beta "Tane launch" It was probably one of those situations where N3V were at: "Dammed if we do" & "Dammed if we don't" - (The six month launch delay was starting to p_ss some of the community off)!!!

I found it hard trying to work thru some of the bugs and got very frustrated with Tane. In the end, I got so frustrated with it, that I went back to TS2010 & TS2012 49922 and still had a lot of fun with "Trainz".

It's great to see that the good folks at N3V have worked pretty hard over the last 17 months to get a lot of the bugs sorted out in Tane. IMHO, they are still not there, but today's Tane is a far better product now than it was 17 months ago.

A couple of weeks ago I saw something from N3V along the lines of "Sorting Bugs Out In Tane" versus "Adding new features" - I for one would prefer to see the bugs sorted out, before adding new features. Whats the point of adding new features if Tane itself is still buggy???

I'm looking forward to migrating to Tane in the next 6 to 12 months when most of the remaining bugs are sorted out in Tane...

Then hopefully, the magic should really shine. :eek:

Cheers, Mac...
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As a comparison here's a page from my old web site via the Wayback Machine:

Take a look at some of those then consider what we have now...

Oh lordie, this brings back memories. How I loved Mechanik, getting it to run with an add-on route was like...reinventing a programming language but once I got it running it was so much fun back then.
And I still remember Crotrainz too, I think you, Vern and ...what was his name, Barney, were running that forum? I always wondered why suddenly Crotrainz was gone....
And BVE, that was a sim ahead of it's time back then...not graphic wise but the way extra content could be added and the support it had, even though most of it was Japanese.
I dabbled with MSTS too but ..something about it couldn't hold my attention span. UTC was like paradise to me the first time I launched it....being a builder myself ( I had a rather large On30 layout not too long ago ) I spent most of my time building layouts in UTC.
Thanks for the fond memories, Vern!
At first I didn't like T:ANE. But after the SP1 and hot fixes and stuff, and manipulating it to suit my tastes, I feel it is the best version so far. It's going to get better as time goes on I feel. I mean, I'm sure Tony and the others aren't working hard to make it WORSE are they? No, they've got to be working to make it better.

old post, but damn true.


ah yes. it was 2009, and I was a 6 year old in target. when I saw that box... 2 TGVs on the cover, and the words 'Trainz 2006' on the cover... I got so excited! good times, derailing the tgv on 'the Black Forest'
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Yes, when I made this video, it bought back to many memories of the Trainz I still own. It was like going back in time when I got my first Trainz to present days of Trainz. Anyway if interested here's the link to the video
I tried Trainz early on and rejected it because it looked less real than Rail Simulator. That has flipped. Now a TANE fan. I still see TANE as a simulator since I never drive trains and do not buy into the points/achievement. The technical aspects from content creation, scripting, and route-making take it far from a kiddie choo-choo game. I feared Tony was following the Railworks pure game approach. If so, I was prepared to dump Trainz/TANE. He has managed to appeal to drive for points while preserving most, if not all, of the elements that continue to make the product a simulator.
I could have had a model railway quite easily in my house as I have a big loft but all the effort needed for that kind of put me off a wee bit. The other thing that truck me was the sheer cost of a hobby limited by well the loft! As a teenage boy my layout on a board was temporally fine then when you see the sheer cost of one locomotive these days a bit off putting. Could have spent the cost but felt a simulator would give me more and discovered (ssh_ MS first). However the techy side for the average person is something else so went on a search and came across Trainz 04 just as 6 was coming out. Suddenly realised that a non-techy like me could aspire to building something. Never looked back fter that!

I have on route kind of finished a long time ago and even with some issues with it well overdue for people getting access to it. A lifelong tram and train fan I missed with sadness the closing of the Glasgow tramway system in 1962 when 250,000 turned out for the lst procession. My uncle had been a tram driver then had to move to buses but I always missed our trams and was the biggest system outside London. Trainz gave me a chance to remember it although I never thought I would ever finish the 125 odd miles around the city and suburbs. Stopped and started but with the errors it is been sitting on a pc for too long! Indeed I even walked every single former route from a sketch map I got from the Annual Model Rail Show held in Glasgow annually. my other great affection was with N Ireland where I had spent many happy childhood holidays then later taking Boys' Brigade camps there. Had seen the terrible reduction of rail as the worst in Gt Britain so took on that challenge. After a couple of years surprised myself by actually doing the NIR system but got niggled. Track finishing a mile or so south of theNewry station near the Border irritated and now well into bits of irish rail in the south and on 3 lines there!

My health issues and lack of sleep on top of them is a damnable thing and I have to leave things for a time then go back to them but i am glad I found Trainz Indeed I reckon my Glasgow tramway is amongst the biggest of an actual system done on our hobby and the Irish doings much the same for over there so maybe a bit better for me than the doctor's!! :hehe:
A famous model railroader constructed an absolutely huge layout in his basement, composed of chicken wire, plaster, homosote, and concrete, ... etc ... after his death, his wife had to pay many thousands of dollars to contractors, with jackhammers and sawalls, to demolish it to smitherines ... And too, after his death, the late John Allen's home burnt to the ground, and that too would have cost thousands of dollars to demolish ... a businessman in S America, that often visited dozens of Countries in his lifetime, had 30 two hundred gallon drums full of coins in change, and it took thousands of dollars, and many trucks, forklifts, and dozens of burley men to cart the coins away, to be sorted, counted, and sent back to their respected Countries.

I alone probably have bought $1000 of lumber and construction hardware, and allot more in model RR track, cork roadbed, wire and electronics ... most of it all thrown out in the trash.

Now with Trainz I can have a completely obsessive compulsive disorder hobby, that overwhelms my life, ruins my free time and eyesight, cancels my vacations, and destroys my marriage, leaving the pets water and food bowls empty, and the baby left ignored crying in the crib :hehe:

The game should come with a warning label: "Caution, Highly Addictive" ! Once you play, your entire life will be consumed in Trainz ! Your night time (and daytime) dreams will be in surveyor laying track, and driving in Trainz, and you will no longer have any pleasent dreams of being on a sunny vacation beach in the Carribean, Your family will be having fun at the Casino, but you will be down at the railtard (where you purposely booked your 3rd rate motel room) in Las Vegas, your wife will leave you, or go on vacation without you, and you will not even miss her for 3 months, the kids will be left unattended in the playpen crying, and you won't even hear them, the dogs water bowl will go dry for 3 days straight, your school grades will plummet and you will get kicked out of college, you will get fired from your job for not showing up for work and callling out sick (when you are not even sick at all), your neighbors will hate you, and will call the cops on you for (multiple) excessive noise complaint(s), as they will think that a train station has moved in right next door to them, you will sit in a chair for 18 hours straight, and get carpal tunnel syndrome, you will sit in front of a blinding PC monitor so long that you will go out and buy "Blue Blocker" gold tinted oudoor sunglasses, and will instead wear them indoors while playing with Trainz, Do not use medications, nor drink alcoholic beverages while operating Trainz (as you will most likely spill your drink, and forget to take your medication), If you are pregnant, do not smoke while playing Trainz, as your ciggarette will totaly ash, and you will have wasted your money on cigarettes, and your baby will grow up to be a RR engineer, and his first words instead of being: "Da Da", will be: "Wooo Wooo", do not cook or barbeque while operating Trainz, unless you really like totally incinerated burnt up foodz, everyone you know will look at you in wonder if you are crazy, when you say outloud: "WoW ... That beautiful sunset sky looks just like Pomme13 ! If you can not afford to buy Trainz, DLC content, or a 1 year FCT (costs @ 0.06 cents per day), N3V may be able to help you, by once again having their "Sooper Dooper 75% Off Sale" on TS12" !
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...everyone you know will look at you in wonder if you are crazy, when you say outloud: "WoW ... That beautiful sunset sky looks just like Pomme13 !...
Yes, I do believe that eventually reality may catch up to the realism achievable in Trainz!

Just the other day, as I was driving along, I mentioned to my wife how much a particular scene looked like Trainz...she does indeed wonder...

I will say that things look much cleaner in Trainz. You have to really work to get things to look as dingy, trashy, run down, and vandalized as in real life...