Is N3V Yearly Subcription Killing Off Sales ?

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Strangely enough Wordperfect still manages a few tricks that other software doesn't. Probably the reason Microsoft Word dominates is because of Visual Basic. In the corporate world you start with the requirements and when you have the requirements of a few thousand people to take into account even if only one or two of them need to be able to do complex things that require a database connection you end up needing VB.

PSP again if you know the product very well then you have a lot of time invested in it. Anything with a different interface means time must be spent in relearning and for us old fogies that's time wasted when we could be productive.

If you ever reach the ripe old age of 21 you might well start to take things into account that are not immediately obvious until then take life gently and try not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

Cheerio John

Actually, Kilrbe's comments are just gold, and do far more to detract from his position than strengthen it. I'm archiving this thread in case it does get deleted, because in decades of being on the internet, not to mention on BBS' and such, it's easily in the top 10 most absurd things ever posted anywhere.

I just loved the part about suing a defunct company. Just, well, er WOW.
People like yourself, are prime example of people not being with the times... with anything tech related. A) choose your companies better, your fault for support Corel. B) If you seriously think a huge multi million company will close shop, and say BYE, then you clearly need to never buy another software title again. You also should never EVER expect product support for life time, and helps to read TOS and fine print.

Here your proof for Valve,

Just what are those "measures" and how are those backed? Specifics, please.
I love the part how a old geezer as yourself, who says he knows IT so much and been around it so much, is still so worried about DRM and activation servers, and thinking N3V is plotting a plan to make you all buy 2020 Trainz and shut off 19 servers. That's the real in your own words, "Just, well, er WOW." moment for me.

I need this archived myself. Hang this in every help desk across country. Old guy yells experience, then proceeds to think a company is planning to screw him over with DRM servers. DRM wasn't around in your time, its OKAY.

Have a great holiday ya'll, this thread is donezo

Go Email Gaben yourself and ask, he responds to all emails.
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