is anyone interested in creating Uintah locos for commission ?


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The Uintah is coming within a few months, it will be a WIP but it will be driveable for the entire 80 mile length.
fortunately 2-6-6-2 51 was made by Ben Neal, as were the little 06-2 tanks , if anyone was preapred to reskin number 51 itno mumber 50, it would be nice as the two are very similar engines.
However, the line used two 2-8-2s and a number of shays which are not available as models. .
the shays were from the Argentine central and also built in house . Very few of the present 3ft shays i have seen look much like the early Uintah shays, mainly as they have diamond stacks or different cola storage. etc.,189488,189643
The 2-8-2s can be fudged by using the old EBT 2-8-2 as number 40 and Togogs 460 k27 2-8-2 from the drgw , I've got versions of both running in route as URY engines but I don't think Togog's locos can be reskinned for upload to the dls as he doesn't mention anything in his license and the EBT is an old build of Ben Neals 2-8-2 and I cant fix it for uploading to DLS. Thus NO 2-8-2S unless people mod the engines as ive done.
it would be nice to have these engines to run on the route, I have drawings for the Mikados and the shays and would be prepared to pay a reasonable sum to anyone who would be prepared to create any of them , I have no objections if they are released as payware or if anyone else wants to contribute funds or indicate if they would buy them as payware to make it worht the while of a creator to build them .
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