Interlocking Towers and Signals


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Question on interlocking towers and signal control. I have been experimenting with the setup of interlocking towers. Normally when selecting the signal aspect, I would use automatic. But in instances where a slower speed would be needed, I have specified the speed. It seems however the interlocking tower specifies the aspect regardless of track conditions ahead. For example. If I wanted to have a signal display slow clear for a given route. That works. However if the next signal aspect is stop, the interlocking tower still forces the signal to display slow clear instead of slow approach. If this is designed behavior then it really makes the interlocking tower pointless as far as controlling signals.

I am currently using Trainz 2019 SP5. I am using a variety of B&O CPLs, none of which allow for proper configuration. Justin Roths signals are very nice but they use the Graham Sea script which restricting is broken. Also they do not support approach lighting. I also have some beta signals that AlexCN made which use the Jointed Rail script but they are in complete and lack dwarf signals.

Does anyone know if Graham Sea is still around and if he would open his signal script to see if the restricting aspect could be fixed. The script is encrypted.

If the interlocking towers worked properly and would ie show an approach aspects when only one block is clear vs always showing clear, having scripted signals wouldn't be as much of an issue.

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EIT only works on the signals in the path it does not look ahead at the next signal state. It fixes the signal state according to what you have selected, it overrules the signal script unless it is automatic. That is controlled by the signal script. It was only intended to control trains through the paths so they don't go through each other.
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I have similar issues with a lot of the German signals. Since introduction of Sp5 none of the scripted signals work properly anymore, they either don't show any lights or they don't change, even though the path changes. Any older signals without scripts seem to work fine, and since a lot of scripts are encrypted they can only be corrected by the author.
The signals using Graham sea/Jon Roma script stopped working with interlocking towers after 2019 sp2, hence why I haven't updated. They also have never played well with other scripted assets i.e. other signals, trigger multiple signals. They will work with interlocking towers pre sp3 however cannot be recognized as controlled outside objects, say, at a diamond crossing. You need to use invisible junctions controlled by the interlocking tower. I'll have to check but restricting should work it may be the trainz update that is messing with them.
I have been using an alternative to EIT/IT named "TH R Route". You set your signals up as normal and define path in the
TH R Route List rule. It may work not sure, it only uses the entry and exit signals.