Interested in train physics?


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In the upcoming Trainz Plus beta release we will be including the new TNI physics plug-in. The plug-in includes all the internal train physics for DCC, diesel and steam as well as braking systems and shared systems such as resistance. It doesn't currently include other systems such as train motion, coupling, collisions or derailments.

In this thread we'd like to find people who are interested in helping us test the new physics to ensure things are working as expected, and also C++ programmers who are interested in creating their own TNI physics plug-ins.

During beta, you'll have access to the TNI Physics SDK, and the source code to our physics implementation to use as a starting point for your own plug-ins. (NDA required for the source code)

Note that our goal here is to ensure the current systems work as expected (rather than making wholesale changes, additions or improvements) and that the necessary elements are in place for custom plug-ins to be created.

Please let us know in this thread your level of interest and any relevant skills.
I'm interested. I think I still have an NDA with N3V for the earlier versions 2 or 3 years ago but happy to renew if necessary.

30+ years of programming experience although not much in C/C++. I prefer other languages such as Pascal, Ada, and Python. Lots of debugging experience though. :)

More detail on my work can be provided if necessary.
I'd be interested in using/testing TNIPhysics and creating some more plugins - been in the mood for some more TNI stuff. It would also be nice to get my hands on some new data from the game without having to go through TrainzScript. :)
I'm not a professional programmer but, I have taken upon myself to lean many of the programming languages. Believe it or not I started with Fortran, Basic, Pascal, C++ and then into the scripted languages and design my own web databases, sql and user interface. I think I would need a little refresher but, I am interested in learning how the programming language fits into Trainz. So if you feel that I could add to this process then I would be happy to enlist!
Please include me in the testing. I have implemented engines for calculating pneumatic and electric schemes in trainz script, I would like to transfer it in C++ to boost up.
I'm interested but I'm not a plus user or inclined to subscribe to it. I own TRS19 NA Regional with a couple of years of 1st class tickets in reserve. I've signed NDAs with Auran/N3V in the past. Currently retired naval architect/engineer. Used Fortran way back and have limited C experience. Last 20 years Python is my language of preference for work and hobby use.

Bob Pearson
I am interested in this project.

My background:
More than 35 years experiance as an IT consultant within data- and tele communication areas.
Embedded SW environment.
Programming languages:
Assembler and C.
Thanks for the replies. We'll be in touch with you in the next week or two (as we try to get this sorted before the holiday break here in Oz).

Yeah, it will be good to be included to the testing process.

Rob, do you have a registered version of Trainz? If you have other accounts then please contact helpdesk to sort out merging things so that we get you using the correct account.