Ignore this post

I think he was testing whether he could post into TrainzDev. Only TrainzDev members can post but anyone can read. Not that we have much to talk about these days. :eek:
What do you expect. They just found a way to commercialize it. Now we have to buy a subscription that has TrainzPlus in it to be part of Trainz Development.

You are, of course, free to ignore this post.

Bob Pearson
LOL:hehe:, Lol:hehe:, LOL:hehe:, LOL:hehe: , LOL:p.
Great Post to ignore, best post that I have ever read!
Happy to see that we Trainz People still have a good since of humor.:D
No longer being ignored, back on the forum since the change over.
Thanks to Laurence.
N3V Support Team

Cheers, Bill.
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