Why was the orange tgv removed from test track in trainz 3

The original tgv (orange one) was included in the test trak route when it first came out but after a few days it got removed this is Annoying because tgv only has a double decker one now instead of there being two also there was this weird bunny thing that got removed as well
I'm working on a model Trainz route which has a German theme. I have no ETA on its release date.

Ok. This has got my interest. DE MRR is my thing !

Do you have a WIP thread for the layout, @hiawathamr ?

I've posted 2 - https://forums.auran.com/threads/model-railroadz.109038/post-2013535 and https://forums.auran.com/threads/sh...ial-for-large-screenshots.100580/post-2013534

Right now its the mobile version getting built as that can get released rather quick unlike the desktop counterpart where it can sit there for 3+ months waiting for review...