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What was your post treated for? Did it have a prescription for anything. We would also need to know if this was contageous as it would have to be quarantined. Cannot risk infecting the other posts.


Dear Doug,

I've always wanted to Pothed two a quoded pleviouth pothd. Thankyou for the opportunity to so do.
I had herd that thumb pothts were hearded hear and choraled thumbthymes in thmal flockths; purtayning to their partikular ailment~type/s.
Though hopefully no nathty naughtieth have thpread aboud; amongtht t'uther pothtth. It wood be a thame if that woth the cathe, wooden it?.
Pleath ethcooth my thpeeth imp pedi men, I don minn toobeerood.
It's juth that thumb bligh ter thmacked me in thuh mowff wiff a large potht!.
Thpitt~thpitt. P`Toing! {the hair goeth another tooff}

Well I HAD to make my post a 'bit' different, eh?
Who were the unfortunates who failed to carry forth from November last; the great tradition of service to the post posts?.
This just goes to show that I cannot turn my back on this elongated (with gate~posts, such as this) thread, without some insideous attempt at stump-grinding this venerable long-serving thread to a dismal end of forgottenness.
Sad, sad.
Oh well, here goes,,,,
THUD! (hard whack to mid-post), hands clasped, lean over prone post patient, and begin CPR* (Critical Post Revival).
A-won, a-two, a-three, a-four, blow (Where!??, who took it's mouth!! ???.!!. Oh, turn patient over, blow.)
Repeat. etcs.
Keep repeating until this poor post's heart begins to beat yet again. :'(
Is it really a year ago since I made the last post?

Well Noel. B, if your CPR fails we will need to have a post-mortem :)

Mortem couldn't be contacted, and anyway Mr Post does not want to be associated with any Mortems.

So I guess we shall just have to continue and hope some other post hugger comes to help out. As long as they're not the post humous type.
They're not much help.

Oh well, here goes,,,,
THUD! (hard whack to mid-post), hands clasped, lean over prone post patient, and begin CPR* (Critical Post Revival).
A-won, a-two, a-three, a-four, blow.
Repeat. etcs. Puff~puff~puff, OK euromodeller, your turn.

Ummm, maybe if we post this thread in a more prominent place of postings, we'll get more post revivers to come lend a hand?
Oh dear, ecco Nono!;
No not a post humous posterer, but rather a pre post humous posterer (or postee; as against a postie) is most desired.
And, even 'though a postie could post (as a poster/posterer/postee), most probably some previous postee/s of this forelorn post~thread would be able to generously assist in this attempt at resuscitation*
* https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/resuscitation .
We can but languish, whilst we await the eventual unforlorning of this post's present state.
Perhaps we could form a chorus; to sing songs of merriment around this post. Thus bringing hope once again into it's splintered dried out core.
Maybe some stringed instrumentalist virtuoso could twinge some retentionings into the fencing wires (so rustardly drooping), and thus begin to coax a simple zingy sound; resembling a joyous noise?.
'Twould surely prise a glimmer of hope from the bowels of said despairing post?.
HiBaller - Luvvit!

*** Reckon we could break the '100,000 Views' barrier with this "Must be Ignored Post" sometime this year... ***

(For those newcomers who haven't seen this venerable thread before - strongly recommend reviewing it - if you enjoy a good belly laugh and off-the-post humour.)