I Think The Turbo Has Blown!

I would recommend putting a thing in saying, Contains 2 minor curse words, as it does. But that is amazing!

I just imagined that scene from the polar express when the airship is hitting the christmas tree and the conductor is warning them.

(In polar express conductor voice)

I may be just an old railroader, but I don't think flames should be coming out of the smokestack!
The one time that i could have seen a blown turbo GE, it blew its turbo right when it went out of sight. I was at Austin (Texas) Amtrak Station, rail fanning, and its turbo blew right past the S-curve. I heard about it on the scanner. Apparently they had to set it out, as it must have gotten out of control or something. Naturally, it was a Union Pacific C40-8, in shiny new paint.
I could imagine a non railfan watching a train with an inexperienced railfan, and they say: Should flames be coming out that much? The railfan says, It's ok, there are spark arrestors.
Here's one lead by a diesel, might be the Royal Hudson, but the steam engine is invisible...