1960s - 1970s Northeast Railroading.


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The title is incorrect. There are scenes of the NYC, Erie, DL&W, EL, NH, D&H, and Long Island passenger and freights taken in the 1960s and early 1970s including the awful graffiti covered NYC subway cars in the 1970s. In one scene, a UAC Turbo train passes a local passenger train on what appears to be the New Haven.

Sadly, today this mix of old and new and unique equipment is gone now. We no longer have this plethora of various electrics including the big box motors and Baldwin Little Joes, the array of F and E-units and old Alco RS3s pulling heavyweight passenger cars with sash windows and clerestory roofs, strings MP54s running on the Long Island. What we do have, however, is new shiny equipment running on ribbon rail capable of much higher speeds. Much of this track in these clips is old stick rail. I remember riding the UAC Turbo from Boston to NYC in the mid-1970s on stick rail all the way through Connecticut on the old New Haven into Penn Station.