I Really Hate EIT's...


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Working on an upscaled miniature railway plan I have unidirectional two flat crossings where the track crosses over itself.

Following the instructions here: Trainz Diamond Crossing | CDE Trainz Tutorials I set up a path for each of the two routes forming the diamond. I then entered the opposing path as the external object. First test train runs around the layout and comes up to a red at the diamond with the signal on the other track showing green. Driver then proclaims he is stuck.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions welcome, other than see if I have enough space to grade separate the track and eliminate the diamonds, which then destroys the flavour of the prototype.

And once again highlights why it is high time, after 22 years of Trainz, N3V updated the track database and signalling code to automatically recognise diamond crossings. How hard can it be?
I think you are using a figure-of-eight layout in which trains always travel in the same direction. Is this correct?

Have you still used 4 signals at the diamond? if not, use two "real" signals and two "invisible" signals. Paths are set between two signals, but the 2nd can be another in the same direction or the back of a signal in the opposite direction.

It sounds as if you have a path from one signal at the diamond all the way round to the other. The train is still on the first path, the 2nd path cannot be set until the 1st is released, which it can't be until the train is on the 2nd path, which it can't be until the 1st is released....

Does this help?

If it's not the fig-of-8, and you have a different track plan, please post a sketch.

I've used EITs sucessfully to control a prototype-based layout, some with several dozen paths and a few hndred path objects. They are very powerful objects when you have learnt their setup rules.
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Thanks guys. Tried changing config but I think it must have been because of the track looping around on itself. Fortunately enough space to elevate the line which looks quite nice on a low viaduct and retaining wall.
Hi Vern.
I've just tried a simple fig of 8 layout, set up as I suggested above, with 3 trains. Sure enough, after a couple of circuits, it is stuck.
I think this is because, even with a driver command sequence of Drive via Trigger 1>Set path 1>Drive via trigger 2> Set path 2> repeat, the path is setting before the train arrives at the trigger., This eventually means train 1 will set path 2 before it has left path 1, so preventing any of the other trains from getting either path.
This needs to referred back to the author.
I believe the distance needed to clear the EIT is 1000 meters. Look for the yellow icon to disapear to know where that is in your layout. Also it will trigger when an approaching train hits the 1000 meter 'wall' and will show the yellow icon. If the icon is not showing, it can be turned back on in the EIT settings.
In my test I made sure that the path properties were set to "Manual" activation for both paths. So it's not that.
You don't need to set path unless there is more than one choice to the next destination. I would use the exclusive sets to block the other path rather than use outside objects
All very complicated and returns to my earlier point - N3V need to look at coding in diamond crossing detection.

The good news is, after grade separating the circuit works nicely so a few more days of testing and polishing will hopefully be ready for the DLS.

For information the track plan is based on the (old) layout of the Strawberry Miniature Railway in the Avon Valley Wildlife Park near Keynsham, though I have enhanced and changed things a bit. Takes a good 10 minutes or more to complete a full circuit.
Have you tried the Diamond Signal Controller on the DLS by norfolksouthern37? If I understand original problem correctly?