Newbie problem - Interlocking tower will not properly signal at a diamond

Hello !

I'm new at Surveyor. Currently using the original Surveyor in TRS 2022 (not Surveyor 2.0).

I have a diamond where double-track main (CP) crosses single track lead (CN). I am using the ITE Enhanced TRC3 Invisible Interlocking Tower <kuid:242944:100152>.

I have followed the various instructions online, and created the required paths. The Interlocking only partially works. It works the first time (i.e. I get the green signal as required), but then the interlock "locks up" and does not reset. Here are the messages that I see in Driver as the first train goes through:

#### Path[CPCN SBL Interlocking]*[CN SBL EB] has been assigned to current train
#### Path[CPCN SBL Interlocking]*[CN SBL EB]: Current train added to path CN SBL EB
#### Path[CPCN SBL Interlocking]*[CN SBL EB]: Current train removed from path CN SBL EB

So far so good. But if another train comes by, I'll get the first message (Path[CPCN SBL Interlocking]*[CN SBL **] has been assigned to current train. But I will never get the second message (the "Current train added to path CN SBL **"). So the signals never change and the train ends up going through a Red at danger.

I am driving my trains manually.

Any thoughts? Sorry if this question appears overly simple. I've spent about 10 hours on this problem and don't know what else to do.

Thanks in advance,

I found you have to exit totally the IT path to have IT works properly resetting the paths. When you don't exit totally the programmed path it remains in some way blocked