I need help with a complete description of the allowed settings for the Textures?


I need help in locating a complete guide for understanding the Primary and Alpha settings in the .txt files.
I did a mask to hide the Doors on the interior of a Train car from a internal view for when the doors are open there is no other door blocking the open area from the interior.

I made the primary .tga with the white, and black= to black 0, white=to full to mask certain parts.
It works great until I click on that Car at night when you click on the Car the interior seats light up white from the white Alpha that I made to show the texture that I used to make the seats show and the rest of the .bmp is Black 0 to hide the textures that I do not want to see.:cool:
Seems to be a Trainz Bug, or I am just stupid and do not know how to?

My only choices are below for the settings that I could find.

Is there any in depth articles to show more settings to block that white alpha from lighting up those parts that I need to see?
Any help would be appreciated. The Pics below show the issues.
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Hi Jeff, a bit hard to answer without pictures
in many cases at night a night mesh gets loaded, so you may have done the day mesh right
but forgot to do the same for the night mesh.
last few years i stepped away from night meshes and do that by subtle self illumination
on some materials used inside
hth, greetings GM
Random Issues.

What is really strange is that I loaded up my Train Car this Morning fresh, and it was working perfectly and not having that issue of the Textures lighting up at night settings. I did not change anything since last night.

Then I exited Trainz and loaded my train car again and the issue returned with the same problem.:confused:
Definitely a Trainz 2022+ Bug.

But I will have to just wait for the Dirextx12/Retracing to get done and maybe that will patch this issue, as it does not seem to be my issue with the Texture's settings.

I surely hope that all of the assets that I already uploaded to the DLS for the Community from DES/Dave Snow, and others does not need to be re-done to work with the new Directx12 Video Engine. :eek:Crossing my Nose Hairs that I have not pulled out yet, for no more issues. LOL
the night mesh is a complete different mesh (.im), for instance, just the inside walls/chairs/ceiling of a carriage
for this mesh check what textures are used (what is written in the .texture.txt)
you made an alpha, check if this alpha is also used in the night mesh

will check here if i get strange things with night meshes in TRS22
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Thank for your help.
I did not use any .im night meshes, so I am baffled on why they behave the way they do. I am pretty sure those .im files from a good approved source are not the issue.

The creator had given me permission to update his Monorail Project that he created back in 2004.
I am trying to get them done for the Community & uploaded to the DLS.
But not until they are perfect and error free. He did use a daycar and a nightcar called out by the script, but the script was doing the work. The .im files were the same, but he did set one of the.im files to lamp up at night in the emissive, no Alphas were used until I got to setting them up trying to block out other textures that I did not want to show (invisible by the black mask).
I am pretty sure that the white alpha causes that texture to illuminate, it also lights up in the day compared to the other textures that it is next to.

For some weird reason the car night textures are now working, and I do not know what I did to fix them, one more to go the Cab and they will be done.

Is Jack Emmerichs (JFE) still around? Even though I got permissions from him back in 2006, I would like to touch base with him once again to let him know that it is still me the same Guy from Years ago.
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The night issues came back again after I did a Cache clean in my local asset folder.:(
The part of the interior seats are now white bright in 3D interior view moving to the outside of the Car, the door windows will not do the Texture Tint, but the main car windows will tint them just fine. At night this is unacceptable for night textures to look good.
The white Alpha is causing this issue, hopefully the upcoming DirectX 12 will solve this issue.
This is a for sure a Trainz shader bug, how do I create a bug report for this issue, very hard to describe.
Maybe screen shots would show more of what the issue is, or should I just wait for the next major Video Engine update?
Pic links below
The way I look at things has changed the bug is back. LOL.:hehe:

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