I have a situation problem I need to solve. HELP!


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While in Surveyor I have placed some trains and cars for testing in Driver. My track isn't level so when I place a car on this unleveled track, then go into Driver for testing, my cars have rolled to destruction.:hehe:
How do you 'set the breaks' or otherwise 'hold' these cars in Surveyor so they won't roll when playing/testing in Driver???:confused:

Did that make any sense?

The youngster,
I just had a go at this with some UK wagons and none of them rolled away. Some wandered off when I pressed the "A" key, but not all of them. Sorry, can't be of any help.

Other then reversing the track layout, I don't know how to change the arrows. I don't want to change the track.

I made flat spots for the cars instead... Oh, well...:)
In the loco tab use the rotate direction at the bottom right of the consist section. this alters the direction the train faces.
Strainge things happen in Trainz but I doubt forward direction of the car should effect things. Either the brakes are on or they aren't.

I tested it with a fully loaded hopper in TRS2006 - Whitepass' EBT Hopper - on a 6% grade and it didn't move from where it was setout. Green arrow was set pointing down hill.

Edit- Tried the same thing in TRS2004 and no difference - it sayed put. So I don't know what to say. I thought the brakes were set on all the cars when set out. They were on these 2 but who knows.

Bob Pearson
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I thought the same thing, Bob. That's why I posted this one. I don't know all the ins and out of this game yet. It makes me want to test it a little more, now.