Pentrex's Steam Across America is on YouTube


33 Year Old Railfan
One of my favorite VHS tapes, Pentrex's 1995 Steam Across America is on YouTube! Keep in mind that this is FOUR HOURS LONG, so grab some popcorn, settle in, and enjoy seeing the likes of locomotives hauling excursions in the following order: UP 3985, Frisco 1522, a doubleheader of Frisco 1522 leading Norfolk and Western 611, Norfolk and Western 611, another doubleheader between Atlanta, Georgia and Macon, Georgia with N&W 611 leading Frisco 1522, Nickel Plate 765, a third doubleheader featuring Nickel Plate 765 leading Pere Marquette 1225 hauling a freight train to the Huntington NRHS Convention as pass they by their birthplace and salute it: Lima Locomotive Works, Southern Pacific 2472, Cotton Belt 819 on its way to the 1990 NRHS Convention in St. Louis, and that's within the first hour only. The second hour features Railfair '91 at the California State Railroad Museum, Union Pacific 844, and driving side-by-side with 4449 into LAUPT, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Southern Pacific 4449 on its way to meet UP 844 for the 50th anniversary of Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal (LAUPT), finishing out with Norfolk and Western 611 thru the Rathole. The third hour starts with chronicling the restoration of Santa Fe 3751 all the way from getting it from its display track at the San Bernardino depot all the way to its trial run to first excursion, then comes Chesapeake and Ohio 614T pulling coal trains in the New River Gorge, then a trip back in time to see the last runs of Southern Pacific's Cab-Forwards over Donner Pass in November 1957, then back to the present (at that time) with a trip to the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, including a winter photo run featuring Rotary OY, then Norfolk and Western 1218, we also see N&W 1218 and 611 running side-by-side during the 1987 NRHS Roanoke Convention, then a doubleheader of 1218 and 611 with 1218 leading, also at the 1987 NRHS Roanoke Convention, then a montage of various steam locomotives heading up Cajon Pass, including the famous race between Union Pacific 844 and Southern Pacific 4449, followed by Santa Fe 3751 climbing up and over the pass, then Union Pacific 3985 again, pulling the once-annual Cheyenne Frontier Days Special between Denver and Cheyenne, finishing out the third hour with UP 3985 disguised as Clinchfield 676 for pulling the 50th anniversary of CSX's Santa Train, a Clinchfield tradition. The fourth hour begins with Southern 4501 pulling a mainline excursion then leading the Norfolk Southern's 25th Anniversary Steam Program triple-header excursion out of Chattanooga, with Norfolk and Western 611 and 1218 behind her, then the Cass Scenic Railroad, then Milwaukee Road 261 on its first excursion, then Nickel Plate 587, then Nickel Plate 765 disguised as Chesapeake & Ohio 2765 hauling The New River Excursion, then Santa Fe 3751 climbing over Tehachapi Loop, then Atlanta and West Point 290, then Pere Marquette 1225, then the video ends with a look back at vintage footage of Union Pacific Big Boys climbing over Sherman Hill. I looked at each Big Boy and did not see 4014 appearing in the video, but siblings 4013 and 4015 do appear in the video. If you are a fan of K&L Trainz's content, then this video is a must-watch. Enjoy!