How to tell KUIDS that aren't on the DLS.

Is there an easy way to tell what content is not on the DLS, is it the numbers that begin with a - sign?
I am ready to release my route, but I want to list where I got my content that isn't on the DLS (don't worry is all freeware).

You guys have been a big help so far, thanks in advance.
If content has a minus sign, then it is built-in content and will be available to anyone who has a copy of the game.
In TRS2004, move all the downloaded assets elsewhere on the hard disk, then get Trainz Objectz to resolve missing assets for your layout. Anything it doesn't resolve is almost certainly not your own, not built-in and not on DLS.

Sorry if you're using TRS2006 and therefore this posting is irrelevant to you.

Doesn't CMP tell you if the item is on the DLS or not? I thought that was one of it's stronger points.

Only if you haven't already got it. If you haven't got the asset then when you list the required assets for a route, those not on the DLS have a question mark against them. Unfortunately if you try deleting the local item to test, it doesn't work if you have archived it as CMP only recognises the archive. I haven't found a solution to this yet (or am I showing my ignorance once more).