How to put static cars on the road


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I noticed that this comes up every now and then and just thought I'd post a quick and easy way on how to do it.

1. go into route config
2. type into top of config something like this
car0 kuid:283805:9047
car1 kuid:263579:1044
car2 kuid:92263:8032
And so on

Here's what the result should look like

car0 <kuid:97212:1801>
car1 <kuid:96914:152356>
car2 <kuid:225064:4010887>
car3 <kuid:50567:27064>

kuid <kuid:106695:640>
category-class "YM"
category-region-0 "TO"
category-era-0 "2000"
kind "map"
username "Traffic"
asset-filename "Traffic"
workingscale 0
workingunits 1
water <NULL>
trainz-build 2.4
world-origin {
latitude 38,53.4,1
longitude 77,1.2,-1
altitude 0
string-table {
region "USA"
kuid-table {
0 <kuid:-1:6270>
1 <kuid:-1:110014>
2 <kuid:-1:100598>


You may see cars driving backwords

You cannot use cars that act as locomotives as traffic
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