How to downgrade database


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So TRS22 SP2 is starting to bug me out a bit. Despite me having bought TRS22PE I honestly don't use S2.0 (and to be honest, for my needs S1.0 is fine), and looking at it, of the assets that are build 5.3 the only one that does not seem to be downgradable is one of my assets (and two base assets, <kuid:30501:120021> and <kuid:661281:85243>). And also when I go to edit the properties of any object in Surveyor it takes a couple seconds to confirm the option I selected or to even open the window. This is genuinely what is turning me away from SP2, not PE, not S2.0, no the broken Properties window.

I think I do have a TRS22 Beta installer lying around somewhere, so my question is: would it be possible for me to upgrade that Beta version to TRS22 SP1, then change the directory of my current SP2 database to SP1, and result in no faulty assets of those that are not 5.3? If it's not as clean as that, what do I need to do to make it as clean as that?

Or alternatively, how good is TRS22 SP3? Is that version too broken to warrant updating, or is it pretty stable? If that's good and it fixes the buggy Properties tab I probably won't downgrade.
The only possible way to downgrade from TRS22 PE to TRS22, if you have TRS22 hard copy CD/DVD disk. As far as I can see. I just tried downgrading TRS22 PE on Steam, didn't work still remained the same as TRS22 PE and with surveyor 2.0 'to see if it would work'.

Just grin and bear with TRS22 PE, it's not that bad :)

I do use surveyor 2.0 for deleting multiple baseboards, fixing splines that I can't click on in surveyor classic due to be too close to other splines and surveyor 2.0 does have some pretty cool but confusing features, I still like using surveyor classic because it's like Blender 2.79b for me 'I just know where things are!'.. ;)

Besides it's good having the best out of both surveyor classic and 2.0.
The issue you will run into is there are code and sometimes file differences between versions. This was apparent when T:ANE SP2 came out and the new route and session versions came out. In the olden days, such as pre-SP2 T:ANE, the routes and sessions were single huge files whereas today they are made up of a single file plus the individual slices that are used for navigating and in particular driving a session. Instead of hogging memory with a single file then chunking to load up the rest if it's too big to start with, these little slices are used instead to increase performance. Loading one of these routes and sessions into a previous version will not work due to the file changes.

Surveyor 2.0 is also great for scrapbooks. I've saved many of them and use them constantly such as clumps of forests making filling in woodlands so much faster and less square than the old copy-paste method.
So it's not possible anyway. Cool. If anyone's updated to SP3, is it buggy or is it worth it to update? As long as the Properties window is quick again and no major bugs I'm fine with updating