How to buy / Where to buy a Gaming Laptop


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Buying a new gaming laptop is the most difficult choice, as when you Goggle MSI, or ROG, and select shopping, you are faced with several thousand distributors, and models, ranging from $4999.99 to $899.99, very confusing.

My understanding is:

Do not buy at Big Box Stores (Walmart, BestBuy, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, QVC, Home Shopping Network ... etc ...) as they sell pure carp, with low end hardware, and low end specs, that will never run Trainz, let alone T:ANE.

All I want is a screen that is 17" (although a smaller laptop can be hooked up to a large desktop monitor), and a CPU of over 4.2GHZ, with a 1060 video card ... (a system that does not cost as much as my Ford F-150 pickup truck, $2500) :hehe: Is that too much to ask ?

Where does one buy from ?

It seems that one needs to talk 1 to 1, to a salesman at a distributorship, to let him know why you need a high end gaming laptop, just in order to run a train game.

He could sell you a 2TB SSD, Crossfire SLI, 64GB RAM, 1060 video card, or a MSI Liquid Cooled Docking Port, and you might not need all that expensive hardware, and it might be way overkill, and not even be compatible to run T:ANE.

I hear that there are laptop builders in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, and all over the US that can build you a killer laptop, costing $5000, and ship it in a couple days, with free shipping ... but my budget is @ the $2500 - $2700 range, plus.

How do you choose ... If you want to run T:ANE with the sliders almost maxed, or fully maxed ?
I don't know how delivery works from Brisbane to Antartica, but I had my two gaming computers custom-built at Precision Computers. You select exactly what you want from the case through the hardware and I've never had an ounce of trouble. Each one cost me approx $1600.00 .

Here's a link,...

I am buying my son ink for his printer, and an external hard drive ... I was looking at Staples ... and my GF remarked that her GF could get it cheep, free shipping, at Amazon ... I would have never thought of ordering there ... I was shocked at prices ... Gaming Laptops :mop::udrool::mop: Drooling

EBay, and plenty of others, have super prices ... It's kind of scary shopping online ... Soon it will bankrupt Sears, Kmart, Macy's, Penneys, Target, Walmart ... etc ... and all stores and store customer service jobs will disappear :'(