How to build a sign

I am looking for assistance in how to build and add signage such as a billboard. I see that there are signs available but I would like to customize some for my area.
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TrainZ 2022PE. Build 122419
Building a sign from scratch will require the use of a 3D modeling program such as Blender. But there are other similar software programs out there. If you can master a 3D modeling program, you will be able to build virtually anything to use in Trainz. There will be a learning curve to say the least.

But if you can find an existing sign on the download station that you like, it is possible to replace the texture that the content creator used with one of your own design made in a graphics program like or GIMP. This is called "reskinning." If you do this, be sure it is for your own use and don't upload it to the DLS as something made by you.
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I will try "reskinning" however I am on an iMac computer which doesn't support Any suggestions for an Apple user?
I do not have an iMac so I don't know what programs come with it.

I did a quick Google search and came up with this:

My suggestion is to use whatever you have/are familiar with already. You will be opening one file, making some changes with the graphics program, and then resaving. GIMP is good but also more complicated than you need unless you already know the software.
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I am trying to do a simple duplicate, making minor changes to config in an Asset and put back into Trainz using my IMac.

I double click on an Asset which opens Thumbnail, then press Reveal in Finder, then duplicate Asset, change kuid and name saving duplicate Asset.
This is where I am stuck. How do I submit this new Asset back into TrainZ?

TrainZ 2022PE. Build 122419
In content manager highlight the item you wish to reskin.

Next go to the drop down menu at the top and click on content. Then click on clone.

That will create a new asset with your kuid number. Right click then submit edits.

Now you can right click it and open it to get at the texture fires.

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Next up I will try my hand at changing a billboard sign using GIMP to alter the .tga file
Be careful of gimp when saving a .tga file. TS19 and TS22 don't care if it's compressed or not but some earlier versions do so save as uncompressed tga to be safe and no I can't recall how to do that but it is an option and saving compressed is the default.

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