How do I plug up the windows of the JR F7?

How do I color the cab windows of the JR F7? I am converting it into a snow fighter B unit. A powered unit to be pushed ahead of snow clearing engines. For this, the windows need to be covered. I tried coloring in the glass texture, and the windows on the main tga.
Aw, that's a shame, thank you for helping me, though.

EDIT: I used the Metra F40PHM-2, and changed the glass color, but it is too shiny. How can I change this?
The shine isn't as bad at this angle.
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You could try removing the alpha channel for the windows. This wouldn't remove the windows, but would darken them because the alpha channel is what gives the mesh the transparency and ability to see through it. Perhaps you could color the windows to a color of your choice so that you have paint-scheme-colored window panels.

The transparency is probably done in the mesh and not directly with the texture, so you wouldn't be able to change that