How do I reset the interface language?


Cab mode weirdo
Hello, I am developing a session and I have added multiple string-tables in the HTML-Asset config for Italian, German and French. Then I changed the interface language in the "Trainz Settings" menu to check if everything worked fine.

Then I switched the interface language back to English and everything reverted back, except the names of the default filters, which are in Italian. I closed and restarted the program, then I launched several Database Repairs, but the ******* filters remain in Italian (that is, of course, the default language of my Windows 11).

Any idea about how can I revert those names to English?
Hello Carlo.

I had a similar problem in TRS19 when it was first released and I managed to restore the all filters to English by starting TRS19 then running a DBR followed by an EDBR and finally another DBR. The mismatched language was present after both the first DBR and the EDBR. It was only after the last DBR that it got its act together.

I have not seen the problem after the release of SP1